L 1-0 vs Crystal Palace (H) - Sat 17th July, 1pm

So here we have our first opportunity to see Matt Taylor’s Mighty Morphin’ Super Saddlers against Premier League side Crystal Palace (Tommy Black springs to mind :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) in what could be new manager Patrick Vieira’s first game too.

Will be interesting to see the formation and style of play we are going to be looking at this season at the very least.

On the Covid front, anyone aware of who is isolating? If not, detectives will be working it out as soon as the team is announced.

Anyone off here attending?

I’m going, looking forward to it. Hope they’re not expecting me to wear a mask all game in 27 degree heat.

Looking forward to seeing the new squad and the style of football we’ll be going for this season.

Expecting it to be the usual pre-season affair of most if not all players being subbed at some point so that the whole squad gets game time, but hoping we still some consistency in how they set up. A little bit of experimentation with formations is OK so long as it doesn’t get out of hand and we’re chopping and changing every 5 minutes (sound familiar?)

Meeting up with superjorge prior to this game

I can’t be bothered with pre-season games anymore. Too slow paced, too many substitutes. Even a freebie can’t tempt me.

I have a ticket but cant go. If anyone wants mine, PM me…

Won’t be there are we have a family gathering to host.

Only one I’m doing at home and it’s literally cos it’s free, no other reason. The other one I’m doing is Kidderminster, first away game with no restrictions so should be a brilliant day regardless of the pace of the game and subs! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Don’t worry, when do the people predicting the weather ever get it right ? :grin:

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Indeed we are​:+1::beer::beer::beer::beer::wine_glass::wine_glass:

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Is this going to be screened online for those not permitted to attend?

Couldn’t find my free ticket on e-ticketing so gave up.

Well no word on our OS, but on CP’s it says it will be streamed on Palace-TV but, as yet, none of the promised further details of how to access, cost etc have been posted. Maybe worth keeping an eye on this link? https://www.cpfc.co.uk/palace-tv/

And, as per @stig231 on the pre-Season Games thread, Villa are offering a stream of next Wednesday’s game for £4.99 on their OS.

BTW It was suggested that Palace would only be sending an XI to us as they have another game lined up for the 1st team - but their behind-closed-doors with Portsmouth has been cancelled and this is now their first official pre-season game as per their OS - so I’m expecting a strongish squad.

And don’t forget that it’s an early kick off at 1pm not 3pm.

Tried ringing the ticket office? May have a bit of a wait on hold as they have been very busy over the last couple of weeks, but they have been very good at sorting things out for people.

On a side note - an e-mail I’ve had back from the ticket office manager, Elizabeth Champion, is caveated “Maternity Cover”. I’m presuming that means Laura Greenhouse is expecting a happy event so congratulations and best wishes to her and her family - have always found her to be absolutely brilliant when sorting out any ticketing issues for me and my dad, and a really nice person too.


Do we need to provide a negative covid test for this game and others? My mate went to Edgbaston about a month ago and they had to

No nothing said about it

That’s what I thought

Not too bothered to be honest. I’ve got a busy weekend.

I sorted out my season tickets over the phone and, as you say, very good customer service.

Have a family event to go to otherwise I’d be there as free ticket. Been decades since I went to a pre-season match.

I’m going cause its free and the got nowt else to do.

Won’t be bothering with any of the others