L 1-0 vs Tranmere Rovers (H) - League Two - Sat 24th Sept, 3pm

The control v Bradford was pretty standard and then he takes a massive touch and legs it. His determination to get passed his man was excellent and that’s what I like about him.

The goal v Colchester was similar but as you say his touch was really poor and his speed and determination made up for it.

He didn’t pick anyone out for the assist v Grimsby he did well but it was endeavour that enabled him to cross it as he held off the defender.

I’m not saying he’s without purpose :joy::joy: I just think his assets are effort and endeavour and not the creative talent hes being made out to be.

Of course I’m not suggesting that at all. But as an attacking midfield player he should be better than he is at completing passes. He’s giving it away half the time he has it and his decision making on when and where and who to is very poor.

In my opinion that’s all

I’m a huge fan of using stats to find reasons for a poor/good run of form. One of the best examples was Adebayo and his expected xG and how it showed he should have been scoring a lot more than he did during those first few months of 19/20.

However, I agree that sometimes the ‘eye-test’ is what’s most important. It’s difficult to to measure how a player with genuine pace and dribbling ability and make a defence drop off 5 extra yards. If we can get correct system/personnel around someone like Knowles I have every faith that he and the team will start to click.

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Which are the precisely the attributes I said he has.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on those points pal. For what it’s worth, I think he would be best suited out wide in a 4-3-3 where he has the space and time to drive into space and win plenty of set-pieces.


Good post and much of it I agree with entirely.

However also, some statistics measure exactly what we see and differ entirely to a perception.

Agree with that and I think I said that after one performance…as long as he doesn’t take the set piece I’m happy

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Simply, Knowles is one of the most exciting signings in years and is our most creative attacker.

As for the stats, Monthe, for example, does a lot of dribbling but it never comes to much and him losing the ball out of position has been damaging. The point about creativity is that if you are not failing for much of the time, you are not being risky enough. Fail again, fail better.

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Although I agree with all the points made in the paragraph about Monthe, the first paragraph is exactly what makes my other points more valid. The fact he does things at pace is what’s exciting people not the outcomes of those things. The outcome is generally very very poor and links to his stats.

I agree. Think with our current squad 4-3-3 is the way to play.


Apparently the game is being streamed to the UK and simultaneously is not being streamed to the UK. Proof reader needed.

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Some post Bernie that is….some post :ok_hand:t2: I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of that law but I’ll be using that in future life.Every days a school day Bernie.

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If the standard of people collating statistics for league two is anything like the standard of refereeing then I reckon most of them aren’t worth the paper they are written on! :smiley:


I’m starting to think Sallian :smile:


What’s his xG though? :thinking:

Well it cant possibly be as shite tomorrow as watching Southgate ball. can it?


Good Evening! First time poster here so please be kind :slight_smile:

I reckon this will be a draw… 1-1. If they hadn’t’ve won midweek I would’ve put us down for a win, but I think Tranmere will be boosted with confidance and will have a go back at us… We might edge it if one of our other attacking players remembers where they left their shooting boots :stuck_out_tongue:

…but I am a newb, so what do I know! I’ll be cheering on regardless from the community stand :slight_smile:



Welcome @karm :wink:


Bringing a couple of friends today with the excellent club offer, hope there is a good take-up. Surely an audience of 6,000+???

Tranmere will be bringing around 1200 as the ticket offer is valid for them too.

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