L 1-0 vs West Ham United U21’s (H) - Papa Johns Trophy Group K - Tue 30th Aug, 7pm

For anyone attending this is a 7pm Kick Off

Not writing previews for the Papa John’s Trophy, so just feel free to make as many pizza / Italian based jokes as you like.

I doughn’t think there will be a massive crowd here, but probably over 1k.

Finally, for any Papa John’s Pizza fans - if you collect
From store and show your Season Ticket - you are eligible for 50% off.

Is Flynn going to look at this as an opportunity for a cup run and play a strong side, or use it to see more of the youngsters (like Sawyers) and/or those who have mainly been on the bench so far and give a rest to one or two of tbe regular starters? Or even play more of the usual suspects but in different roles/formations?

To quote the idiot glory hunter I heard back in The Championship (when they had Defoe, James et al), “We should be beating teams like West Ham” but would add “U21’s”.

2-1 in front of 857 Coke heads

With the rate society is plummeting into the abyss how long before this competition is rebranded the ‘Cocaine & Piss Heads Trophy’?

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I’d play as many kids as possible inc Clarke Abraham and Douglas
Get the first framers on the training ground cus dam they need it

Is this tournament still happening?! :man_facepalming:t2:

They dont like admitting when they have got something horrendously wrong, do they?


Going to this one cuz the tickets only a quid, 3-0 in front of 1204 fans (32 away)

Hopefully we revert to the lineup vs Charlton but with Johnson for Abraham or Williams

I suspect L1 and L2 teams get a financial incentive from the PL to take part against their u21s

I am not going to this but I hope we win well A mixed team I think with all of the fringe players playing.

All our fringe players are attacking…how we fit them all in I’ll never know….

Definite :-

Flynn Clarke
Ronan Maher
Timmy Abraham

Probable :-

Isaac hutchinson

Possible :-

Andy Williams
Jack Earing

Maybe needed :-

Taylor Allen
Liam Bennett

That’s 10 inc GK….7 of them are attacking players!!!

Make a change from fielding a majority of defenders. :grinning:


… the incentive was ‘play these teams or there’ll be no competition’.

Good opportunity to see how some of the fringe players perform. Particularly important night for Flynn Clarke, Doug Taylor and Timmy Abraham. Know of a couple of local based West Ham fans who are going which will boost the size of the audience.

“Hammers in £250k bid for Walsall youngster” isn’t a post Maher masterclass headline I want to read. It could happen though if he outshines their kids who should be a three or four years further on in their development.

With the yanks in charge you would have to multiply that figure by at least 10😀

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it’s a decent chance to win and try and kick start some form.

Ill go for a 2 - 1 win. I think we have to play 5 players from the previous league fixture minimum so not everyone’s gonna get a night off anyway.

IFollow or not for this?

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Is it on mate?

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It’s on iFollow £10 or £5 per adult to attend + travel cost + cold

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