L 2-0 vs Cheltenham Town (A) - Sat 31st July, 3pm

Swimming quickly from Bescot into Cheltenham where we face The Robins, who gained promotion into League One last season.

This will be a good indicator of where we are as a squad as last season it was men against boys.

Anyone going? I’m at work until 1:30 so no chance for me, I’ll take in a local game and keep my eyes on the score!

Yeah, me and my youngest are going. First game for us, looking forward to it.


Can’t make this one as I’m on my jolly’s ,but will be keeping a close eye on it , should show us how far we have come on.should be thinking of his starting 11 for this one too

Cheltenham beat Hereford 8-1 tonight :sweat_smile:

I went to a friendly with Cheltenham in 2002. The ref told our Manager to take a player off before he sent him off because the player was losing control. Can’t think who the player was?
Corica maybe? That doesn’t sound likely though. Anybody there who can remember?

This game will give us a better idea of where this squad is.

What’s the betting that we will be in complete control of the match throughout but unable to get a goal?

Yeh I was at that game and can remember that happening but can’t remember who it was.

Regarding the tickets for the game, apparently if you’ve bought them off eticketing you have to collect them from our ticket office.

Abit poor that this wasn’t communicated abit earlier unless I missed it.

You can also email the ticket office to tell them to send your ticket for collection at the Cheltenham ticket office.


So you pay for delivery and have to pick them up - genius!

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Thanks. I’ve just bought mine and knew what to expect due to your advice. Not really an e-ticket but online payment, or over the phone, for a physical ticket. Nothing I had seen indicated that collection was needed.

No additional cost, I was just charged the ticket price, six quid in my case.

I paid for tickets to be delivered, hence extra pound.

I’ve rung Club - they’ve been posted out.

The club are taking any uncollected tickets to Cheltenham with them.

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If you use the online ticket system, you get charged the standard £1.25 booking fee per ticket. You then have (or had - might be too late now and collection-only) the option of either paying an extra £1 to have them posted to you or it’s free to go collect from the ticket office during their opening hours (or from Cheltenham by the look of it). So if you do it this way and have it posted, it’s costing you £2.25 on top of the face value of the ticket.

If you buy them over the phone then exactly the same but no booking fee. Ditto if you rock up to the ticket office in person (which is now back as an option) except that you obviously pick up the ticket then and there and don’t need it posting.

What is the incentive to use eTicketing rather than phone & collect/post, or face-to-face?

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I think it’s more based around today’s culture of I want it now. Especially the younger generation who can’t be arsed to drive to a stadium or wait in the post and want something immediately on their phone. Maybe not a cost-saving, but it gives them what they want.

For me, I’ll use the online ticketing when I need to in the instance I can’t be arsed driving 20 miles to the ground, or whoever I’m going with couldn’t pick them up on my behalf. If I’m in a rush. If I’ve got a few minutes I’ll phone up and avoid the £1.25 fee.


I personally think we have more goals in this team than last year already and that’s without the striker that’s rumoured above to be imminent.We scored 45 last season I’m predicting 60-70 this season.

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Certainly hope you are right, I would just like to see a positive goal difference for a change!

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With the addition of Monthe Taylor and Ward then throw in the experience of Labadie in the middle I would say a positive goal difference is a very distinct possibility mate.It’s up to the 4 lads up top to score some goals I think the rotation between them all will cause huge problems for teams and according to this Huddersfield fan I’ve been speaking too this Phillips kid will score plenty hope he’s as good as he says he is.

He is and he will…