L 2-0 vs Forest Green Rovers (H) - Papa John's Trophy Group L - Wed 10th Nov, 7pm

Or Brie Hughes.

Might they bring back Andy Stinking Bishop. Not sure if he would fit into the team though, Edam well does what he likes.

Two signings we could do with here are Peter Stilton and Jack Lester

Was Stilton as good a keeper as our own Camembert Williams?

We’re on our best run in four seasons.

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I’ll Follow :grinning:

You’ve never been the same since you Gruyere beard :bearded_person: :laughing:


It would be nice if we can go a little further in cup competitions this season. If we’re going to buy Rollin and George we will need the additional funds that good cup runs bring.

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Cannot get there tonight so have bought an ifollow thingy. Hope the game is better than all those I watched last season.

I just hope the valves in your tv hold out :grin: :wink:


Don’t lump on

The good old days when you could improve picture quality by banging your fist on the top of the box. :laughing:

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Or by holding the aerial wire or, in one instance when I was a student, sitting with the (indoor) aerial on my head (we took it in turns :laughing:)


Messing with the horizontal and vertical hold knobs to get the picture centered properly and not rolling. And manual tune only - via a big dial on the front (only 3 channels to find anyway!)

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You know the ifollow app Andy on iPhone can you buy a match pass to watch the game and watch it on your iPhone because when I go on mine it’s not giving you the option yet?

You can watch on your phone, but you have to buy it on the club website.

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I don’t think you can purchase game passes on the app, only use it to watch them after you’ve purchased - which you can do via the iFollow/Next Match tab on the OS.

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BTW As well as the FGR game tonight, Saturday’s game against Harrogate is also available for video passes. You need to go to the iFollow/Subscribe tab on the OS, then right at the bottom of the page expand “Following available matches”.

Don’t forget it is a 7pm kick off.

Had lots joining at half time before.


What is the thinking on making it a 1900 hrs kick off, rather than 19.45? Has the Club said? I just wondered, it won’t save on floodlight usage, so do they think more people will turn up for the early kick off? I can’t remember the club ever asking me whether I am more likely to attend if it is an early start/finish, so on what have they based the decision?
I am going, but think the timing is a bit of a pain in the wotsit, I’d rather it was normal.
Do you know, or does anyone else?