L 2-0 vs Milton Keynes Dons (H) - Papa Johns Trophy Group K - Tue 18th Oct, 7pm

Probably going out in the group stage.

Probably won’t care too much.

Might go.

A chance to play some more of the kids IMO.

I imagine this will be a chance for Maher, makuna , Abraham to show what they can do
Maybe a suprise inclusion on the bench of an injured player coming back?

A lot f fans might not care but do the club? Our one realistic route to a cup run so possibly they will give it full welly, hope MK aren’t that bothered, and that Cheltenham aren’t already on the beach against West Ham.

Or it’s just a glorified training game for the fringe p;layers to get their only run out in the first team.

I hope we have a go at winning the game simply for morales sake.

I’d imagine a return to a back 4 and would imagine something like :-

Bennett. White. Monthe. Gordon.

Kinsella. Hutchinson.

Maher. Maddox. Cashman.


Bench (from) :-
Knowles (if fit)

It is possible Daniels plays instead of White seeing as he missed Saturday and I guess it’s possible DJ plays for the same reason but I doubt it.

The way MF was talking in his post-match interview, there might be a few regulars that he drops to give them a break to avoid the niggly muscle injuries that come from constant playing.

But then the board might might put pressure on that he’ll only get a January budget if we make a few extra quid from this competition/the FA Cup?

Maybe the FA Cup 1st round draw will have a bearing.

For example, if we draw Blyth/Wrexham away, there is a very good chance that it will be selected for TV…

We need to win. We need to get a successful mentality in our club.

Not that I’ll be going.

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This is squad i would pick.


Sawyers. White. Monthe. Gordon.

Shaw. Comley.

Maddox. Maher. Cashman.


I would rather finish the match injury free rather than the 3 points.

Id even change Monthe for a youth teamer if we have an half decent defender in the youth team.

In his post match interview on Saturday, Flynn said that he hadn’t even thought about this game, so presumably he isn’t taking it seriously.

He’s certainly had enough of this injury crisis hasn’t he.He’d just came off the pitch having had Knowles limp off through another injury so maybe there was a bit of a hard done by feeling again but I’d have to agree that he’s most probably not that fussed about this one.

Haven’t been to watch a match in this competition for some time but am going tomorrow night - the little 'un wanted to go and I don’t want to quell her enthusiasm.


With the cost of Energy tonights game is one we can ill afford to put on.

Abandon the game, take a 3 nil loss and save money.

Be surprised if there is much more than 500 there tonight

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Even better … give notice that we’re permanently withdrawing from the pointless competition.


How are you Tin Man. So if Cheltenham win and we perform a miracle tonight that leads to us storming through to the final I won’t be seeing you at Wembley?

Ok so what eventualities need to happen for us to get through this group then?

Long time no see!

No, I will boycott the competition regardless how far we progress.


I am not going tonight.I am not boycotting the competition but my old neck cannot take anymore high aimless punts from our defenders. I now need plenty of recovery time between matches these days and plenty of massage. How I will get on when we have Harrogate and Rochdale so close together I am not sure but perhaps by then the Manager will have told the players what the grass is for!!!


I make it we need to win by at least 2 goals and Cheltenham need to beat West Ham’s kids in 90 mins in the other game.

If all that happens, Cheltenham win the group win 9 pts, with us, MK and West Ham would all be on 3 points, with our goal difference of at least 0 , better than MK and West Ham which would have to be minus something.

Here’s the table as it stands before tonight…

…and here are the rules if teams are level on points at the end of the group.

(x) If two or more Clubs are equal on points on completion of the Group Matches the following criteria are applied in the order give to determine their rankings:

(A) goal difference;

(B) higher number of goals scored in the Group Matches;

(C) number of wins (after normal time, i.e. not the result of any drawn match followed by penalties);

(D) the record against each other in the Group Match, taking into account in order of precedence, points gained, goal difference, higher number of goals scored;

(E) if the Clubs still have an equal ranking after the application of

(A) to (D), by the drawing of lots.

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We need snookers. :rofl: