L 2-0 vs Swindon Town (A) - League Two - Sat 16th Sept, 3pm

What a bonkers argument that we don’t own the ground because it is mortgaged when everyone on this forum would claim to own their own house even though it’s mortgaged.

If you’re going to make an argument, at least make it make sense!


Not the case at all. Slow starts have been symptomatic of all our away games this season but after recovering from slow starts we have played some decent front foot football and but for a couple of injury time goals would actually have a pretty decent away record. Swindon was comfortably the worst performance (albeit the one I didn’t see in the flesh) but even in the games we have lost there has been plenty of positive play in our performances.

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From what BB has said the deeds show Walsall FC as the owners…that is enough for me. How the land is being purchased is another matter. The Annual accounts which are out shortly should give us a clue.


It wasn’t a slow start at Crewe!!!

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Good point…but can I squash one thing. The idea that I and others of similar views are happy with the last decade of results is nonsense. There is not one Walsall fan who is happy with where we are. However I do not despair as I think the new ownership gives us a chance to start an upward trend. I have seen some good signs on and off the pitch that things are changing. Others will see things differently but on a forum like this I am entitled to express my opinions. I accept I may be proved wrong but equally I may be proved right!!!


You can certainly count me as one of those I don’t know how I retain my optimism at times


It’s because Walsall is in your blood and it’s like family. Our Saddlers have been having a rough time.


I think to a degree the divide is over attitude and personalities. Some people need to have tangible hope , even if the base of it isn’t too firm,to make continuing supporting worthwhile. Others can only continue doing it if they’ve already braced themselves against the worst expectations, and told themselves they could well happen. They give more prominence to the false dawns.
People can put up hopeful positives; others can put up awful recent history. Neither are wrong. In the end,I wonder how much of the debate is about two very different personality types talking past each other.


Blackburn was a strong performance! Another away game that aside from the result was really positive…


There is certainly a good deal of talking past each other in my view as I’ve read through the thread. It might be better for folks’ mental well-being if they perhaps took a deep breathe and just moved on rather than engaging in a thread which is ultimately going nowhere but round in circles.

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It wasn’t an argument and I definitely don’t think it was bonkers. Lots of people on this forum claim a lot of things but I wouldn’t necessarily take them to the bank.

Okay so what I said was maybe a little misguided, to all intents and purposes you own the house, it is in your name. I was thinking back to what a legal expert said to me when I was dealing with my Dad’s house when he was very ill. Without going into too much detail turned out what he said to me was right, so it has always stuck in my mind.

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If that’s what people think then no wonder people will defend anything