L 2-1 vs Accrington Stanley (A) - League Two - Sat 23rd Dec, 3pm

Last game before Christmas, at the rather aptly titled WHAM Stadium.

Merry Christmas Saddlers everywhere!

Accrington Stanley vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Accrington Stanley Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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1-0 Saddlers.

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This is the start of the biggest winning spree of Walsall fcs history to make 99% of Walsall fans look like fools!
Comley hat trick from 3 perfect knowles crosses and a priestly overhead volley from a knowles throw

1 nil win DJ to score in the 107th minute having been bought on at 106 minute mark

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Can’t imagine Sadler giving him sooo much time prior to his January move but, like you say he would still get us a winning goal!

I think 1-0 to the Saddlers seems right to me. Chris Nicholl’s favourite score!

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…and then you wake up :smile:

Sadler admitted 1-0 was his favorite score. I would take that all day long if we played some decent more consistently than we do. Imho, there’s not enough exciting football to get fans off their seats on a regular basis.We put in the odd good performance now and then, but the fans want more of that, they crave it, but they’'re not getting it so they stay at home or do something else on Saturday afternoons.
We’ve finished in the bottom half of the table since we were relegated from L1 five years ago, I’m hoping BB and Trivela will change that…SOON!
Let’s keep this mini winning streak going as long as we can. More wins and the fans will return.

The Wham Stadium is always a tough place to go and we will have to be at or very close to our best to get a positive result but I see no reason why we can’t do just that and continue our hugely impressive recent run of form. Sure to be another large travelling gate roaring on Mat and the boys although sadly I won’t be attending after contracting the OMICRON Covid variant, so out of an abundance of caution I will be listening to the game on the wireless.


Cheer up, it’s almost Xmas! :grin:

Accrington not in the greatest of form recently winning 1 out of their last 7 league games, I still feel they’ll win this one. 2-1 accy. Hope to be wrong!

Away to a team well above us. A draw is a decent result.

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I think people are heading for a massive disappointment, we’ve gone 3 games without losing and the poll looks ridiculously over optimistic, I’m not so convinced so am erring on the side of caution. I think it will be 8-0 to us with RAM scoring all 8 during 11 minutes of injury time.

It would be so very Walsal to lose this 3 0. Anyone know if BB is still in the UK? Seems to have quite a bearing in our form.

We may have 3 wins in 3 games under our belt, but after seeing us play out an unconvincing win against Tranmere on saturday, i just think they will be to strong

He went home Sunday.

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I have been very underwhelmed by recent performance against Alfreton and Tranmere and honestly do not know where the performance at County came from. Without BB hanging around Sadler will feel he has more breathing space so I doubt we will see a build in performances or any improvement on his tactical limitations… only hope is player confidence has been boosted by recent results and they give it a go … optimistic draw is my heart

And i hope that BB had made up his mind to replace Sadler BEFORE he got here, and the performances(notts county aside) and NOT the results have been his focus

Performances are still a worry … rarely does a manager “win back the fans” and I do think MS is just back to back poor performances/ poor results away from more fans backlash, which I wouldn’t expect him to survive
Accrington needs to be a good performance and a positive result, we also need to get something from at least one of the festive back to back home games but even positive results followed by a Wrexham mauling May also bring action from BB (especially as he is rumoured to be entertaining a few yanks at the Bezla for that game).
More than anything I want my club to show immediate improvement in results and progress on and off the field and that will only come with a quality coaching set up and a challenging club leadership team hell bent on success. I think we are some distance away on both fronts

The performance at Notts County was ok (ish) first half and fantastic in the second half.
Alfreton was for me poor but we stumbled over the line and Tranmere saw us make it three wins on the bounce with a few excellent performances thrown in ie DD Smith Gordon and of course Matt.
It gave MS a little breathing space and buys him
more time as far as I’m concerned.
I don’t think it would take much for the supporters to become restless if we can’t maintain our upturn in results but to be fair we’ve climbed away from the danger zone a little and it’s nearly Xmas so I’m going to Accrington to cheer the team on full of hope and looking forward to enjoying sharing the experience with some of you folks even if I don’t actually know anyone on here personally.