L 2-1 vs Bradford City (A) - League Two - Sat 3rd Sept, 3pm

Perception is a powerful thing my friend, a powerful thing and football fans perception is very much driven by the result not the performances.

As an example….you say he’s been crap apart from Hartlepool? And most would agree West Ham the midfield (inc him) was awful?

Against Hartlepool he had 75 game involvements with 58 positive. Against West Ham he had 92 game involvements with 69 positive.

Against Hartlepool he played 43 passes with 35 accurate. Against West Ham he played 53 passes with 42 accurate.

Against West Ham he also played more forward passes and more forward accurate passes.

Against West Ham (compared to Hartlepool) he made AND WON more challenges (19/10 compared to 14/7), he made more tackles (5 compared to 3), he had more dribbles (5 compared to 3) and higher success rate (4 compared with 1).

He was lower on crosses v West Ham but that’s because he took all corners v Hartlepool.

Against West Ham he picked up more interceptions and made more ball recoveries than at Hartlepool but less in oppositions half, this is explained by the position played in both games as he was much deeper v West Ham.

He had two shots in both games. Against Hartlepool there was one on and one off target against West Ham they were both blocked but were both on target and one was a stone wall penalty.

He had 3 key passes in both games but Hartlepool all three were successful, against West Ham you could argue the movement from the forwards didn’t help it complete.

I could do this all night but you get my drift?

I’m sure he’s disappointed. We all are. We all wanted and expected Hartlepool to be a regular occurrence. It can’t and never could be but we are no worse a side now than we were then and we were no more a title winning side then than we are now.

That’s football. It’s all about opinions but we have to be careful on what drives those opinions…emotion, passion, anger, frustration, dislike, personal agenda (positive and negative) etc etc.

We’re all different and we all see it differently I get that, it’s what we all love about the game :+1::+1:

Stats courtesy of Instat.

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Why on earth would I disagree with the statement

Since there is “many a slip between cup and lip”. Flynn decides who he wants, but sometimes deals fall through for many reasons. I certainly agree with you there.

Again we are in full agreement

Here there is a difference between us. I would call all that work done by Gamble administration, not decision making. The decision about whether to offer the player a deal was made by Flynn. If the player’s fee and wages are affordable within Flynn’s budget then the deal goes through. Gamble does not have a veto on how Flynn spends his budget.

If you are saying that you believe that Pomlett vetoes players whom Flynn has chosen to spend his budget on then that is a huge claim, and I am afraid that I am going to have to disagree.

I think such an allegation, potentially libellous, should be backed up by evidence. Has Flynn, or any previous manager ever suggested that this has happened? Has it every been reported in the press. Have there even been any rumours on Twitter, that Flynn has agreed to bring a player here on terms we can afford but Pomlett has refused to let the deal go through?

You’re not in a position to agree or disagree, because neither of us can possibly know that.

What a load of bollocks :joy:

What I do know is this:

In literally any business, in any walk of life, the director/chairman is the final decision maker. Bottom line, end of story, good night.

I used to be decisive but now I’m not so sure after catching up on this thread!

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My head is spinning after reading that. My guess is that Bailey from Blues was the player we wanted and who would excite us but we were outbid at the last minute by Salford who had just received a big bonus by the sale of Asante to Albion.
Smith from Orient was another we lost at the very last minute to Exeter if we believe Orient’ s twitter feed so the money was there . The players decided to go elsewhere. There is nothing we could do about that.
Flynn must shake off this disappointment and quickly. We as fans must do the same. Even without the 5 injured players we have a decent squad who should be able to compete at this level. More injuries could make life very difficult but let us hope we can have some good luck for a change.


How long is this battle going to go on for?

I apologise to fellow posters for my part in these back and forths over the years. It’s painful to read isnt it? :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Is it still Friday?

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Good explaination but it dosnt soften the disappointment. Like all situations like this it primarily comes down to the financial package offered. Without going completely stupid Trivela simply must do better with contract offers if they want us out of this league. That’s the top and bottom of it


Well the money wasn’t there because we didn’t get them over the line.

I’m not being argumentative, just pointing out that other clubs are willing to do what it takes.

Probably why Flynn is dejected.


I’d rather us miss out on a target or two, and live within our means, than be like Salford, who a spemding money like water, and will end up like Bury, Macclesfield et al in a few years

3 good signings for them all proven we get Cashman

I don’t think there’s any risk in that mate, it’s one player

For as long as people deny obvious facts.

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Thought you didn’t see them these days? :grimacing:

Can only see us getting 1 goal at best. Defence need to play well.

1-0 Bradford

No mate , it’s not Trivella or Pomlette who are making the footballing decisions it’s Flynn and Hatswell it’s his team albeit weakened by injuries , they are picking the team and tactics it’s at there door .


We don’t know that do we ? We have spent a lot on the new players and have some from last year on high wages . It is no one’s fault that 5 are injured . It is bad luck but it cannot be used as an excuse by the Manager or fans. The players left are good enough to compete in this division . We have lost points at home recently because of poor decisions by the Management team in my opinion . Hopefully that will not happen again they get to know all their strengths and weaknesses .


Exactly. Telling me he’s signed all those players who are currently starting knowing they aren’t good enough and he never intended to use them this much? Nah.

He thought they were good enough and he’s got it wrong, in his mind. Simple as that.


Agree with the point On bad management decisions, the Stevenage result certainly did start a dip in form and confidence.