L 2-1 vs Bradford City (A) - League Two - Sat 3rd Sept, 3pm

Sometimes you’ve got to speculate to accumulate - relentless pragmatism ain’t actually worked, has it?!!


I agree and I think that Knowles and the wing backs, particularly Bennett, can do this.

Jesus Knowles has the weight of expectation on his shoulders to do everything!!

That really isn’t his game. We have other players who are technically good enough to do that and you’re expecting two of our least technically gifted players to do it!!

It’s Tom :wink:


According to @CompletelySaddled, our fans think he walks on water.


Let’s hope he can part a defence once in a while.


Wasn’t that Moses?

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From The Albion?

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I hope he can turn a defence as well he turns water into wine!

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It wasn’t a factual pun.

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Bennett in midfield?
Or 4-4-2 with Bennett and Allen wide?

That looks like Bennett or Allen in midfield unless we are playing White up front again :see_no_evil::smiley:

I’m just sitting here myself wondering how we get Allen White and Bennett into a team.

Where’s he playing Bennett, white and Allen?

Does this mean Monthe at left back😬


Full backs in front of full backs.

That’s Monthe at left back Allen in front and white at right back with Bennett in front.

Knowles in the 10 with 1 up front.

9 defenders.

White or Bennett right wing ?

I have no idea.

The bus will be parked also.

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I’m gonna guess as it is Flynn

Bennett daniels Clarke monthe allen
Kinsella Conley
White Knowles on wing

5221 wingers