L 2-1 vs Doncaster Rovers (A) - League Two - Tue 9th April, 7:45pm

Doncaster Rovers vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Doncaster Rovers Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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Would be happy with a point, all three would be incredible.


Agree. This is a must not lose game for me. Their run also has to end at some point.


If someone offered me a point from this fixture now I would certainly take it


A point would be nice. Donny are the form team in league 2 right now.

Sadly I think the opposition will be well up for this. They’ve got to win every game to stand a chance of play offs themselves. No disaster if we lose thanks to yesterday’s win.

When we were going for our 6th win in a row we go and lose to FGR. Hoping for hubris and\or fatigue from Donny and some good counter attacking stuff from the Sadlers. UTS!

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Both teams need to win, so draw it is

Although they may be more up for it because of Faal.

A game I’m really excited about, Doncaster the form team of the moment but for me the pressure is more on them than us.
Our gd is superior and they won’t overhaul us if they win plus all winning streaks come to an end at some point so why not Tuesday.
A draw favours us more than them although if somehow we win what a final handful of games we can look forward to.

Last time there, last season (18months ago?), never looked like losing. 2-1 win for us I think. :wink:

Looking forward to this. A lot.

I think we can afford one more defeat. Be lovely to carry that buffer forward for as long as possible.

I’m trying to move work stuff around to be there. My record between both Doncaster grounds is played five and won four. We do seem to do well up there.


Generally have a good record at their newish ground, some good away wins there to nil in the league one days in the 2010s (and they had good teams at that level in those seasons).

Can I quote you on that? :laughing:

I think I have only seen us lose once at the new ground. Was in the relegation season, I took our James. We were two down after about ten minutes. Been some good wins though, the Eddie Sonko masterclass, Brandy and Westcarr ripping them a new one, we even won under Flynn there with some ease.

I went to the old ground quite a few times but I am struggling to remember them now. I remember winning 3 or 4-0 the last game of the season when we got in the playoffs under Hibbitt.

My head is telling me they will turn us over on Tuesday, but somewhere deep down I have a feeling we could pinch a win. Why not, they won’t win all their games I am sure of that.


I’ve just corrected that typo as you were posting. :flushed:
Probably see you there Tuesday no doubt.

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I’ve been to Donny 6 times in the past and my record there is visited 6 times and seen us win 6 times. I’m hoping my record continues


First time I met you was at the Keepmoat. That 3-2 win you mention in 2007/2008. Was my birthday.

Remember a Tuesday night at their old place. Around 1500 there and we must have had half.

We won 4-0. Coakley promotion season. Lovely fish and chips but terrible views from that cage they used to put away fans in.

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Well you know I will be there, so we’ll no doubt bump into each other again. :grinning:

Hopefully it’s a repeat of when I saw you there last season.

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That was my first visit to the Keepmoat. I remember walking back to the car afterwards and this Donny fan said to me “you were like watching Arsenal. Teams don’t come here and play like that” Stunned me at the time

Yeah I would have been at the one with Coakley, me and Dad never missed a game then. I can’t say I remember it well though.

Doncaster quite the opposite to Wigan it seems!

Yes I remember meeting you now. I was gutted at MK, I saw you going through the turnstile, I did shout you but you didn’t hear, would have made a miserable day worthwhile. I’ll see you at Wembley no doubt :wink:

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Remember the Hibbitt one sure we had Jimmy Kelly and Martin O’connor on loan then think it was 3-0 mate if i remember

I used to like going to the old Belle Vue stadium - the flashing beacons on top of the floodlights to warn the planes from the flying club next door, and Portakabins stacked on top of each other at the back of the home end for executive boxes. :joy:

I remember one game there when there was a drag meeting or something going on at the St Leger racecourse opposite, and they had a jet engine firing away for most of the match that was so loud you couldn’t hear any chanting (even from our own end).