L 3-0 vs Harrogate Town (A) - League Two - Tue 18th April, 7:45pm

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Harrogate Town vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Harrogate Town Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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No need to add anything. A defeat to yet another poor team.

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Harrogate really need to win this and its a dead game for Walsall. So Walsall will probably win. :laughing:

Harrogate aren’t on a bad enough run to guarantee them a victory, unlike Wimbledon the other week. They have been solid at home recently, so we should fancy our chances. A win could see them all but safe, so it looks promising for us. Harrogate 0 - Walsall 4, and our captain sent off.

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No Daniels or White, and Low will probably have a bag on after Saturday, so it’s difficult to see us keeping a clean sheet. Therefore a near certain defeat.

Or Labadie.

I had that in the + column :smiley:


To keep the D, L, D, L, d, L, sequence going (one that keeps us fifth bottom of the form table), I’ll go for a, ‘d’ (goalless draw).

Sod’s law though it might end up being a win, and a stay of execution for Flynn.

I don’t think Flynn will go anywhere even if we don’t win again this season.

He’s got until December for me.


Harrogate 2-0 simple win

Comsella starts
We concede from a corner
Someone gets a silly red card
Maher comes on 91st minute
Low has a paddy
Written in the stars
We have 0 shots on target


Three of the bottom four have scored more goals than we have :man_facepalming:t2:


Why would you give him that long? He has been her for over a season already and the football we play is awful… top that with results what has he done to warrant until December?


He’s got the summer for me. If he can’t adapt his style and we are nowhere near by Xmas then change.

All this constant changing the manager doesn’t work, so let’s wait and see. Don’t think Trivela have any thoughts of getting rid at the moment, but maybe they will, who knows?


I don’t think sacking him is in their thoughts right now. He will get the summer I’d imagine.

He won’t get until Christmas though if things aren’t significantly better at the start of next season. He is beginning to lose the fans now. More and more are turning and if we have a really poor start to next season the fans will go in much harder. When that happens there is usually only one outcome.

Not a great situation to be in really, so I really hope he can turn things around.

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I know the last 3 games have been disappointing in terms of the results but, bizarrely, we have been playing much more football, keeping the ball on the deck and making some decent runs. I just looked at the highlights from Saturday again and, after their first goal, we had three decent half-chances. One, where Wilkinson knocked the ball down to Matt would definitely have been a goal if DJ had been on the end of it.

This season has been a write off for some time but I do think people are being unduly pessimistic about where we are. If we can keep Daniels, Monthe, White, McEntee, we need one more squad player for the back 3. Gordon will be much better after a pre-season - and he is not too bad now. Knowles is as exciting a player as we have had for years. His goal at Rochdale and the late run at Crewe were exhilarating. Riley, too, is a step up and can run and dribble. I would make those two, with Hutchinson, the core of our midfield.

Up front has been the problem since the turn of the year and remains so. Fix that, steer clear of major injuries and roll on 2023/24.


Bit early in the afternoon to be hitting the top shelf :wink:

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The results are so depressing, I have to cheer myself up somehow.

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Bloody hell, you know how to ruin someone’s day :flushed:

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Never been to the EnviroVent stadium before and due to a prior engagement will not be able to make the trip this time. I see Tom Knowles issuing a rallying cry earlier and urging his colleagues to repay the fans after Saturdays shambles. Unfortunately only about a third of those present on Saturday are likely to be in the travelling audience tomorrow night. To be honest I’d snap your hand off for a point at the moment.

One of the few games I can easily get to, so I’ll be there with my son. I am finding it difficult to assess whether we will turn up for this, but Harrogate will be up for it. I think we may revert to 442 or if not maybe play Comely in the back 3. It is about time we won but who knows.