L 3-0 vs Newport County (H) - League Two - Sat 10th Feb, 3pm

But the ref might be.


Crod will need his swimming armbands if the undercroft is flooded.

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Heavy rain is likely tonight, but from Friday evening to midday Saturday there is about 15 hours with no rain forecast.

That might be enough. It seemed surface water ,rather than mud was the problem, so would have chance to drain away.

The dry spell upto kick off will be crucial as the ground is already saturated. If there is any standing water we could be in trouble with more rain from kick off forecast atm
Let’s hope tonight’s heavy rain forecast isn’t telling

I will be amazed if this game is off. Long dry spells likely in the hours before if forecast is correct.

If its on its got 1 - 1 scrapper written all over it.

And of course the most crucial factor, a different ref doing the pitch inspection.:grin:

1-1. Faal to get off the mark.

Thats if it goes ahead of course.

If yet another Saturday game is lost to a Tuesday night game then I’m going to scream and scream and scream until I am sick :open_mouth:


Absolutely peeing it down
Doubt the ref will want to work on these conditions

On 17th February we play Mansfield Town at home. They have sold their original allocation of nearly 900 and have requested a further 800 tickets.

Should a be good attendance.

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Sure there would be less postponements if the ref didn’t get paid regardless of if the game went ahead or not :wink:


It won’t be too bad if it’s called off at 2 pm if we’re still in the pub


They love an away win.

I hope the game isn’t called off. BB came over to watch two games, it will be zero if the ref postpones the match tomorrow…he will not be happy. It may force him to act and spend money on an inflatable cover that blows warm air under it, you know, the expensive ones…just a thought!

if the game is on, we will have to be at our best to beat County. Remember the 2nd half at their place? More of that tomorrow please.

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Is there anyone in this league we are capable of beating ? Who would we like to be playing that we might possibly beat?


Start screaming because it is still raining

Fully agree Dave, we will have to be at or near our best if we are to take away 3 priceless points from this fixture. Still would be astonished if the game goes ahead, pretty much relentless rain around the region for more than 24 hours now and the ground was already saturated for Tuesdays fixture to be called off.