L 3-0 vs Newport County (H) - League Two - Sat 10th Feb, 3pm

For those interested, if you watch the match replay from 15:50 minutes, you will see Mo Faal produce both the best and worst bits of skill seen at the Bescot this season.

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I agree wholeheartedly with that it really annoys me when we have a bad result and this happens .i except fans have differing opinions on players .and thats fine .but let’s be a little bit more constructive without resorting to long held dislike of certain players .and just blaming them .


I had to laugh when Sadler said we’re not usually like this and we don’t let in early goals but if he looks at the results this season 11 teams have scored in the first fifteen minutes.

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Wilford is an absolute Blues nut. He is always going to defend Sadler who is a Blues legend.

Blues legend :rofl:


The players say to the media they care but watching the reactions when they concede , the lack of response or annoyance, I’m not sure they do really care

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It’s the manner of the defeat for me.If we’d have been unlucky with us hitting the bar or hitting the post or their keeper has had a worldy and all they’ve done is hit us 3 times on the break and scored it wouldn’t be so disappointing, but we just looked way off it Saturday, there was a lack of urgency and dare I say it effort which to me personally isn’t acceptable in professional football.The minimum you like to see is 100% or near as damn it effort and we just didn’t really look that bothered.It’s just years of the same crap that’s what gets peoples goats and with good reason.


I wish players didn’t tell us through the media what they are going to do, I wish they would just do it. Don’t tell me how you are going to go to war, or how hard you are trying, just play in a way that makes it obvious you are doing it. I wonder how much time Neil Pointon or Andy Rammell or [insert name of own favourite here] spent telling the media what they intended to do? They just did it and if they had a poor game we knew they would rupture themselves trying to put it right next time out.


One up from Trevor Francis, definitely :rofl:


What you have said really identifies the gap between our current team crop and the desire and togetherness shown by previous squads perfectly explained in the video link put up by @SuperGabor on another thread.

We also had real characters who fought for each other like Marshy, Wacker and Wracky.

I dont see any of this in the current squad. All too nicey nicey, please dont shout at us. :face_vomiting:


Abso-bloody-lutely. :facepunch::clap::clap::clap: