L 3-1 vs Harrogate Town (H) - League Two - Sat 13th November, 3pm

It was stated, by Taylor, on Monday night, that Holden’s injury has been properly diagnosed now. I’m hopeful that he will now make a full recovery, and there was no inference from Taylor that this will not be the case.
It would be devastating for him if his career was to end at such a young age and I’m willing to allow him all the time it takes, especially considering that the appearances he did make towards the end of last season, playing, as we now know, with an injury that had not been correctly diagnosed or treated, contributed greatly to us staying in the league.


So far he has started 7 league games from 15 played with 2 late sub appearances (one where he scored the winner). Our record is pretty similar with him or without him in the side, but It would be nice to see him have a sustained injury free run as he is clearly a decent player.

I think the records are similar because he is yet to get up to speed and show his worth.

Obviously he can’t do that Injured.

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Good grief, it took long enough to diagnose him! The club seriously dropped the ball on this, Rory should have been sent to a specialist right after he was injured, we could have had him back on the pitch months ago.

I’m getting a little tired of Labadie being suspended again, I believe this is the fourth games he’s missed now. The problem is he’s got a reputation for tough tackling, the referees know he’s a tough tackler and may book him when they wouldn’t book others for committing the same foul.

I’m looking for us to get back on track tomorrow and work our way up the table.

I think that’s key here, we can’t lose anymore ground on the teams above. We have to win the next two games and start climbing the table. I think Vale will be a real tough ask, so these points are very much needed.

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Indeed he can’t but that shouldn’t mean that we should just make shit up about him :joy:

Why not, that’s what happens on here :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Not confident at all with this one with Labadie and Kinsella out. Surely we can’t play 2 deep midfielders with neither of those being available, so guessing we’re going to have to go for an attacking 4-3-3 with Earing, Khan and Osadebe. No balance at all but I really don’t think Perry and Bates are up to the task and we have no other defence minded midfielders.

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Midfield a big worry as others have said, they had a great start but wobbled a bit lately which gives me some confidence even without Labadie.

Think it will be a score draw and I wouldn’t be too upset with that to be honest.

It will be a big day on set pieces again…

Personally I would go with a 4-1-4-1 formation. I would have Jack Earring as the holding player, then with Osadebe, Khan as the middle two, and Kiernan and Phillips out wide respectively.

Alternatively could we be as bold as to go 442 with Phillips and Miller up front, and Kiernan, Osadebe, Earring and Khan across the middle?

I like those ideas but I doubt that he will change the formation. I wonder if he will play Bates alongside Earing in the middle 2? Khan is definitely worth a start though I think he will be sub but, this time, will make an appearance.

From the centre mid options we have available to us . I would go for Alfie to partner Earing.
Although he wasn’t brilliant against FGR he did improve and showed more desire as the game went on compared to perry who didn’t look interested and had a poor game.

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Back from London for this - can’t wait. UTS :red_circle::green_circle:

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I’d like to see us have a bit more possession in games it’s difficult to win matches when you only get 1/3 of the ball, I’d understand it away from home but not on our own turf not knocking Matt at all but we do need to increase our time on the ball.

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Correct Scoob , we do seem to surrender possession easily and give teams time and space to play .
Scoob it’s ok to say what you think about MT he won’t get everything right especially this early in his management career , as long as he continues to show the same commitment to us he’ll be fine

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We just went 7 unbeaten before Tuesday night and haven’t really played well yet which in football is usually classed as a good sign and he will get things wrong your right mate but the key thing for me is he seems to see problems early and corrects them instead of the fans screaming it for 4 weeks before anything’s done another positive for me anyway.

I’m actually at the game today @Belphegor so I’ll be slower with my commentary than usual :wink:

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Leave your crystal ball at home :rofl:

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:rofl: I am it’s too bloody heavy to carry I’m just off to the stadium hopefully to see DC lose whilst I enjoy a pint in the stadium suite UTS!

O’Donnell keeping this 0-0 at Vale park