L 3-1 vs Stevenage (A) - League Two - Sat 11th March, 3pm

A trip to promotion-chasing Stevenage this weekend.

We are:

10 games without a win
8 draws
2 defeats
6 scored
8 conceded

Sexy football… :no_entry_sign:

Season fizzling out? Has it already gone?

Who is going?

Predictions welcome

Stevenage vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Stevenage Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win
  • Don’t Care / Lost Interest

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We are likely to concede a goal so we won’t get anything from this game. To answer one of the points I am clear our season is over as far as promotion is concerned. Time to try other options up front if we can. Stevens and DJ T for me on Saturday.

Can all travelling Lads and Lasses to Stevenage keep 'em peeled for a lady with a blue dolphin tatoo who may be in the away end and possibly wearing a green tracksuit top that belongs to @Paddington that as far as I know he is still awaiting return

This is an old picture and she may look a bit different nowadays courtesy of the powers of aging and the downward effects of gravity

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I’m going +3 one of whom lives in Stevenage so I’ll try to sit on him during the game so he doesn’t upset our travelling support.

I’ll be there with my son as we live a 10 minute drive away. Yet to see us win at the Lamex. (Don’t think we’ve ever won there?) Expecting that run to continue. Only good thing I’m expecting is to be home by 10 past 5. Wrap up warm if you are going. Local forecast currently not looking good - rain. Plenty of free parking opposite the ground in Failands Valley Car Park. Don’t park in the nearby retail parks as limited to 90 minutes on a match day and you are likely to be fined if you overstay your welcome.


Season has definitely gone. No way we can chalk up the amount of wins needed to challenge top 7. If we’d just managed to win a couple of our recent games we’d of actually had a chance. Real missed opportunity.

13 more games to get through. It’s going to be a tough watch.

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I’ll go for a draw

Either 0-0 or possibly 0-0.


I don’t care about play off s now I’d just like us to score
A win would be better than seggs

Nothing but nothing is better than seggs my friend.

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That’s bordering on Madness.


No wonder he’s wearing baggy trousers…

Don’t ya think that a 0-0 draw would be more of a possibility?

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Certainly not good enough for top seven. And glad we haven’t got there in a way as we could well have been embarrassed as this team atm is no where near a league 1 team.

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Still undecided on whether to go to this one, a few of our lot are going and had a couple of decent away days in Stevenage before. Never an easy place to go and our record there attests to that but they aren’t in great form and we’re due a win.



Close - but no cigar. :rofl:

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All I have to say about Stevenage away is Arsenal and Luton fan now a Stevenage fan, the mute being the brains of the outfit and @Blazing_Saddler ranting “we’ve got 135 years of history… OK we’ve never actually achieved anything but it’s still history” :joy:

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To be fair it was in response to him saying “We should be beating clubs like Walsall”

If he said it now I’d probably agree with him.

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Since Stevenage went out of the FA Cup, their results have been:


Gives us some hope.

Yes. I looked at that, but their XG has remained above 1 in most of their games and pushing 2 in some, so without having analysed their games it looks like they’ve been a bit unlucky.

With Walsall’s strong defence, but inability to score, a low scoring game looks most likely to me. Head says 1-1, but weve got to win some time so ill go 0-1 Walsall.