L 3-1 vs Stevenage (A) - League Two - Sat 11th March, 3pm

Was going to say P-P but temperatures darn sarf actually around 7-10 degrees seemingly for next 48 hours.

I’ll actually go for a shock 0-1 win here which might actually have been useful if the team had actually won a game or two in last two months.

Since we beat Stockport in the cup our results have been D L L D D D D D D L D.

Gives me no hope :smile:


We are notoriously good at ending a teams poor run of form too, so odds on Stevenage win.

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I remember when our heroes ended Scunthorpe losing spree when they went down
Walsall fc love to give

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Just drove back up from the south , only issue could be waterlogging.
It’s piss**g down

Not tomorrow though :slightly_frowning_face:

Every cloud has a silver lining, at least it will provide some excellent pre and post match entertainment for travelling Saddlers. Fun fair open from 1pm on Saturday, seen the photo’s on their website from last year and looks like they are all having an absolute hoot.

Would have been a distinct opportunity with Stevenage currently on a poor run, but who could score for us unless we employ OG up front again.
Only hope he can’t still imagine that Matt and Williams would be a good choice again, or that he changes that midfield that played so well on Tuesday night (he will).
I’m with Belph on this one, yet another 0-0 bore draw.

Przybek may be in goal for them

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4-0 us then

Or he’ll have a absolutely blinder

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He’ll be unbeatable then, pulling off saves left right and centre now he doesn’t play for us.

and probably score the winner in 97th minute

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If we keep crossing it under his bar he might chuck us a couple in the net.

I’ve spotted the flaw in your plan…


This should have been such an exiting time in the season.
What an anticlimax.


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-6 tonight could be a challenge I reckon mate

They’re forecasting -2 overnight now.

Although it was snowing non stop for several hours this morning and everything was covered, it’s all gone a few hours later and the sun has been coming out.

SaddlerSteve - You local to Stevenage seeing as you accurately described the weather here in North Herts today?