L 3-2 vs Brighton & Hove Albion U21’s (H) - PJT Group Stage - Tue 22nd Aug, 7pm

Who is starting here?






Get some minutes into the fringe players.

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Doubtful that Matt will play as I’ve been informed by a very reliable source that he is having round the clock injections to all joint areas with Castrol oil but our fitness m.o.t engineers don’t think he will be available to move for at least another 6months, apparently there have been signs that rust had settled in critical areas namely his legs thus resulting in lack of movement !!


Is there some sort of ruling that we have to play so many players from out previous matchday team or can we play who we want? Id say Jackson smith,allen,maher,matt and djt are certain starters

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5 I believe.

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Shite competition only plus is getting the fringe players game time and getting through the game without any injuries to those 5 who have to play from the first eleven!!!

I’d play Matt tbh see if he can get a goal might do him some good i know he’s been poor so far but some of the stick he’s getting is out of order.


He wouldn’t get that stick if he was just rubbish but his lack of effort is evident x

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This is a very useful fixture and I’d say pretty important. The chance to view some potential Brighton players for January and to build up some partnerships in attack and midfield.

Id say DJT and Matt up front with Ronan sat behind in the CAM role. Id play Riley infront of the back 4 and maybe a few minutes for knowles and Oteh on the wings.

Back 4 of Williams, McEtee, and whoever we have in the kids area as full backs.

I will be going and Im actually really looking forward to it… also my first visit to the bradford arms, is the Madras anygood?

Not been for some time now but the mixed grill was good last time I went. The wife had Tikka Massala which was also very good.

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Cheers mate, going to be a quality night.

Be like following non league, small attendance where you can hear the players through the game. Trying to spot a hidden gem of a player, few beers after and a balti and £5 to get in.

Nice when its a novelty, hopefully wont be the reality of Walsall in 2028 or something!

Me my wife and two boys are going to the game. Cheap night, hopefully, a decent game while the weather is still warm.

We will be beating the dingles and the villa by 2028 mate, Up The Saddlers.



That will be the season we lose Mat Sadler to Leicester after he oversaw three back to back promotions and we finish 12th in the Championship.

I’m washing my hair


This would be my team as well

I’m painting a wall and observing how long it actually takes to dry.


Me too. Thoughtful selection.

If Knowles is fit, I suppose he could come on but I don’t think he is.

At Crewe he was telling fans that he expected to be back “next week”. Whether he meant as soon as tomorrow night rather than for Grimsby … :man_shrugging:

Sounds like he came with a dodgy M.O.T.

Well he was sprinting well enough before the game. I think he will play a part tomorrow night.