L 3-2 vs Brighton & Hove Albion U21’s (H) - PJT Group Stage - Tue 22nd Aug, 7pm

Yeah, the m.o.t inspector was his agent.

Is the railway club open tomorrow

Yes mate. From 4pm

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Remember if your going this is a 7pm kick off :+1:


Really looking forward to this! Fingers crossed we can spot a few gems from Brighton for Jan on loan!

Cant make tonight but does anyone know if these cup games are on iptv at all?

I’m sure they are. It’s FA Cup and League Cup games they don’t show.

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We played these a couple of years ago and they were really slick, we literally couldn’t get the ball off them for an hour and if they could of finished would of been out of sight. They eventually tired and i think had a player sent off and we managed to nick a win.

Yes maybe shite but it’s an important competition for us in terms of financial gains and confidence

I always enjoy these games. The youngsters invariably try to play football, there is less play acting and it gives us a chance to see some players who are not starting in the League.


I cannot go tonight but went to that one couple of years ago. It was a joy to watch them play as it was in a similar game against a young Chelsea team. Hope those that go see a similar game with ,of course, a Walsall win.

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£10 on iFollow - only £5 if you actually go (or even just £1 for kids and wrinklies).

Ok cheers

I’ve enjoyed the games I’ve seen in this competition, and the tie with Chelsea is particularly a stand-out from the last few years of mostly dross.
Good value for a quid.

Been to most of these games over the last 5/6 seasons nearly always a really good watch, seen several young players who have gone on to play in the premier league, also remember seeing Sam Perry absolutely dominate the game against a very strong Portsmouth team , think Kenny Jackett was in charge.

Still can’t (or ever will be able to) bring myself to watch us play a B team and as long as they are in this competition I won’t ever go. I can’t see it happening but hope one day they are ditched so I can feel morally able to support the competition again. Hope we win though, we need it!


Because your worth it?

Your choice, but are you sure that you are not cutting your nose off to spoil your face? I enjoy the matches against U21 teams, just as I enjoy our friendly matches. I didn’t want the changes to the format of this competition, but boycotting the matches will not change anything.

There is always a good atmosphere in the ground because most of the moaners and groaners don’t come to these matches. You get true supporters who want to support their team in all circumstances.


So, how many “ true “ supporters will be in attendance tonight ? 1k, we have over 3k season ticket holders so does that mean two thirds or more are not “ true “ supporters? They have invested their hard earned cash in the club ? Circumstances dictate reasons why fans attend games, ie additional costs, holidays, other arrangements, lack of interest in what some perceive meaningless games. I’m not a season ticket holder and choose which games I watch ( went to Crewe ) but I have zero interest in these showboat premier u/21 games or pre season friendlies never have, never will. So I find it rather condescending and arrogant regarding your remarks and true fans, at least you can enjoy yourself with the other appreciating true fans, you may even get a pie or sausage roll from the kiosk before they run out, enjoy your wonderful night true fan.


And there was me thinking it was always great when the ground was as full as possible and rocking. How wrong I was!!

900 true, proper supporters are obviously preferable to 6k.

That Oldham game in 99 would have been a lot better without the 10k in attendance