L 3-2 vs Brighton & Hove Albion U21’s (H) - PJT Group Stage - Tue 22nd Aug, 7pm

We are like a jigsaw we’re missing three pieces and somehow we have 3 or 4 pieces from another jigsaw in our box .they don’t really fit properly !

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We need experience and versatility to help give us some tactical nous to see out a game: I’d love to see Dan Gosling sign or somebody of that ilk.

I’m going to don my tin hat but I’m sure that Menayese played RB at Bristol Rovers. Not inexperienced and could solidify the right side when he returns from injury.

Against Grimsby, I’d rest Foulkes, bring in Knowles, play McEntee in a defensive 3 and put Riley into midfield, alongside Stirk and Hutch.

With our dynamic duo, surely that would be enough to secure a good home win.


Couple of weeks away he said at the Brighton game

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I do agree that there’s space for a wing back but when you think about it if you asked a footballer growing up what they wanted to be I’d say not many if any would say a wing back.They are either full backs who like to get forward or wingers who can defend a bit so for me it’s always been one of those positions that’s a pain in the arse to get right.

You know full well that was taken ‘out of context’ Sid, behave young man!

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I see Andrew Moran has signed for Blackburn on loan

Thought he looked pretty weak when contesting balls of in possession.

I was just reminding people who said we where playing young kids.


Forest Green v Shrewsbury tonight in a game which could be crucial to our chances of qualifying for the knock out stages. What’s the ideal result?? Probably a draw but wouldn’t be too disappointed with a narrow home win.


Does 3-0 count as a narrow home win?

An absolute screamer from Matty Stevens

Us exiting this tat competition ASAP so we can concentrate on the league and an FA Cup run.


Completely agree the organizers made it helpful for the premier league sides and devalued it for the lower league clubs .
My only hope from this competition now is that we don’t pick up any injuries or bookings .

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Too right.


Shrewsbury 0-0 BHA U21s

A win against Forest Green and a draw against Shrewsbury may well be enough to see us through to the knockout phase (particularly if Brighton youth can do us a favour at Forest Green).

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