L 3-2 vs Brighton & Hove Albion U21’s (H) - PJT Group Stage - Tue 22nd Aug, 7pm

There is no doubt it’s a much more entertaining product but we’re in the business of winning football matches. I think we’re not far away at all, a few individual errors but I think as a young manager Sads needs to hone his own tactics and selections slightly, we’re not far away at all.


As most have said we look entertaining going forward but very leaky at the back. Obviously when the big lad the priest returns that will help, Mcentee played well last night and deserved his mom award.
It’s an old cliche but you won’t win matches conceding 2 or 3 a game this as to stop, a few have said we were unlucky last night with couple of the goals, the first was hundred percent handball, the second was a well worked goal but the own goal from Gordon could have been avoided if he hadn’t of stalled for a second or so.
There was a few positives Riley looked sharper, Ram did well for his first senior start in a year and Knowles got a run out and goal.
Two home games and a return of 4 points is minimum imo, I have a sneaky feeling if results don’t come soon enough then it’s gonna turn ugly, what we’d give for a boring 1-0 win on Saturday.

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Who are you ?
What have you done with the real Worsul 4eva.

Fed up to the high teeth of constant negativity. We are certainly not going to do very well again this season (for a change) but at least we are being entertained, surely that is what it is all about in reality. Great to see us attacking and actually scoring goals. how long has it been since we could say that?
Onwards and upwards, ya never know we might finish higher than 16th (again for a change) and god forbid we finish a season on a positive goal difference!


I think our biggest issue is the centre of the park. Got some talented young lads but could do with some experience there also.


It’s been obvious for months and months! That’s what I can’t quite wrap my head around.

We needed to sign a sort of DJ/Daniels level of a central midfielder. We’ve failed on that front.


Stirk is looking better with each game and will be a big player for us. Agreed he needs support though. McEntee playing alongside him seems like a hill Sadler is prepared to die on or hopefully live fruitfully on!
McEntee is someone I like and does have decent attributes to play there but would need time to develop there and we need someone for the here and now.


He’s trying to make Mcentee into that player i just don’t see it and i like Mcentee He’s a good centre back now at this level him Daniels and Priestley should be a good 3 when he is fit.

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Isn’t that’s a bit contradictory?

If you only saw the result after the fact on Saturday, lots of people would say a point away at Crewe (especially given our recent record there) was a good thing. It’s only because we had a 2-goal lead and the equaliser was deep in injury time that turns it into a bad result for some so it’s obviously not just the result for them.

Bit of an interesting point for debate really - it’s the same result in the record book however you get there, so does it matter what the order of the goals are or when they are scored? :thinking:


When Priestley is back the only CB place ip for grabs is the left hand side. Think the onlyboption there that gives us balance is Hussey. Don’t think McEntee gets a game there unless there is injuries.

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Good question!

I don’t think it’s contradictory though.

In cold light of day, the amount of points you end up with in a season is the direct result of the results. That’s it.

I do like the point though - it felt like a loss Saturday, despite the draw.

A loss is always a loss though.


Knew I’d forgotten about someone it was Hussey yeah thats a fair point just not keen on this Mcentee experiment i think he’s a better CB

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I think Hussy would be ok in midfield. He gets forward well and isnt and immobile as everyone says.

Could do with a Guttuso sort of midfielder.

McEntee played well at cb last night,my preferred position for him and good to see him being a threat from set pieces.

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May Aswell play him out of position Aswell everybody else is
Let’s whack Matt is goal while we’re at it x

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Interesting point and one I pondered on for a while as I thought about the injury issues. However I couldn’t get past the fact we have McEntee to fill the CB position (in place of an inexperienced Williams) and Riley can play RWB (in place of an inexperienced Foulkes and Knowles who isn’t really a RWB). Therefore are they injury issues or just problems of our own making?



Glass is overflowing with free scoring rip roaring dynamic attacking super Saddlers .

Eighty points is ours for the taking , 110 goals for, 90 against , promotion will no longer be spoken about as 0-0 draws at Bury or days of yonder at Notts County but 6-5 victories at Mansfield and unbelievable 5-0 thrashing of Hollywood superstars at blazing Bescot. Sadball ,Matball , no computer will have the Ram to handle the stats , believe and the promise land is here

Perhaps not but a man can dream

We’ve got this


Brilliant post and picture. So heartening to read.


It’s a really good question and something that I’ve pondered myself. Ultimately it comes down to not recruiting a specialist RWB. Knowles and Riley are both in the square peg in a round hole category for me. They can do a job, but their attributes are better suited elsewhere. Foulkes is very much a RB being asked to play a different role. He’s got time on his side to be converted but is ultimately going to make mistakes.

The long term plan for McEntee also plays a part. If he’s going to play CB then it’s less of an issue to play Foulkes, although McEntee himself is very much in the infancy of his career. If he’s seen as a midfielder then I’d rather him play there every chance he gets. The Brighton game was a perfect chance to play him in midfield and give him more minutes in there in a game where there’s less pressure to win

Either way, there’s a massive RWB shaped hole in the squad that needs filling!