L 3-2 vs Shrewsbury Town (A) - BSM Trophy Group Stage - Tue 14th Nov, 7pm

Change of name.

Dead rubber.

Appropriate for the BDSM Trophy.


Got a ticket, not going cant be arsed

Waist of time this one, as we cannot go further so just play the kids. There probably better than first team anyway. Knowing saddler probably play his first team and get 5 more injurys.

I think he has to play a number who played Saturday. Not sure how many but others will know. I agree that he should play as many youngsters as possible.

Would be good to see if Rollin can last 90 minutes - maybe he’s the answer to our defensive problems…?


Its 5 i think. I did see an article with him suggesting he would rotate alot, but now i cant seem to find it.

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No one cares

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Play our walsall foundation beat the block team

Bloody hell we are a bit thin on the ground to be rotating the squad?
I can only assume that freckled Fred and pie face pat from the kiosks are going to be drafted in? :grin: :wink:

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Maybe he means taking them on a team building exercise down the park.


I wonder what sort of reception Mat Taylor will get from the sizeable away contingent. After seriously considering taking a minibus to this game only a couple.of our lot are now attending, shows the apathy that is now setting in which is extremely worrying for the club hierarchy.

I think given there is no league game this weekend we should play as close to a full strength team as possible, this beats minutes on the training ground trying to nail team positional play and shape in a competitive game and developing partnerships across the team. To that end I’d play DJ and Doug Taylor up top, I also think having recalled RAM he should start too. More minutes in the tank for Comley will be a bonus. Given Evans’ shaky recent games a real decision to be made who starts in goal because I’d be tempted to play young Jackson Smith and if he comes through with credit in the bank he should start against FGR.

For those of you travelling I’ve been advised you should cover up club colours in the vicinity of the train station and the stadium.

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Terrible cup no interest even if we were still in it we wouldn’t take many.

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Comley will be on international duty as will Daniels and Gordon so our team will be nothing like the team which played on Saturday. I agree with your front 2 however and RAM will surely play.

Are the farmers on the look out?

I live in Shrewsbury and wont be going. I hate em, but the apathy is here.

My apologies @WalsallOne you’re absolutely right of course. I think an international football double header for Comley and indeed Daniels will do them the world of good. Will be intuiging to see who he starts in midfield.

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Maybe it’ll be that pesky wabbit …


Is there anybody hare. I’ll get me coat :frowning:


Reckon 16 year old Dylan Thomas willl play with RAM and Griffiths. Foulkes,Tayor Allen and Smith.