L 4-0 vs Aston Villa (H) - Friendly - Sat 9th July, 1pm

Note this is a 1:00pm KO

I see Villa’s allocation sold out in hours so we gave them more. They’ve now got a couple of blocks at the motorway end of the main stand. Think that takes them up to 4,000.

Which leaves us with 7,000.

This game is about money. Nothing else. As galling as it sounds, those allocations should be switched. For this game only, a swap of ends with us having the entire main stand and away end with them having the rest. Those extra 3,000 Villa fans chucking us around £50k extra once the sundries are added in. Equivalent of around 150 extra season tickets. Sure, there would be a few moans but a few moans is pretty much par for the course whatever happens.


Just give them all four lower stands and keep the upper for us.

I cant go due to work but can see us getting battered as per usual, especially with kiernan up top…will be at the Coventry game tho to see the new squad and make my own judgement on players

Indeed! That’s the reason why I don’t understand fans moaning about this fixture. OK, we play them every year but they’re a captive audience that brings the club much needed funds. Let’s not forget that players need paying in May, June & July when the club receives hardly any income.
Only a fool would cancel this fixture…

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Basically a big day out for them. Might as well let em have the lot. Take their cash.

It isn’t all about money to fans though. Their is pride and dignity involved in supporting a football club.
By all means play the fixture to get in revenue, but you don’t give up your home end to another club, especially a local one whose supporters like to laud it over our fans at the best of times.

There is a happy medium to be had.


Is the game being streamed as in previous seasons?

Going to have a look what my new season ticket view is, and that’s about it.

Thrashing again by villa as per. 4-0 my guess
More villa fans than Walsall, loads of villa fans in home end, money to be made by Walsall
This is a pre season money spinner that’s all that matters in this game with a bit of match fitness thrown in

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4-2. They’ve taken the piss for ages and this year they’ll underestimate the fixture.

Lump on.

I’m going, again.

The only reason I go is because Villa supporting mates ask for tickets to get to see their heroes up close! :sweat_smile:

If it brings money into the club then i’m all for it.

Are they lending us a striker then? will it be like the old days when you turned up on a sunday, and your team had 8 players, and the other team had 16, so they leant you a couple of the one’s that were unlikely to play :joy:

Can’t stand Villa - probably the club I detest the most.




Just looked at the ticket site.

They seem to be selling better than most years with the decision to open the upper now vindicated. Though you do wonder how many of “them” there will be in the home end. Doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a revenue generation exercise this one. And with a week to go it looks like the crowd/audience will be over 8,000 therefore lobbing around £100k into the pot - which is nice.

Still think if Villa are still popular (wasn’t long ago they brought barely 2,000 for this fixture) next year then we should give them our big end and the family stand with us having the other two. A five figure crowd virtually guaranteed.

Quite superb support from the Villa to be fair, could possibly be our biggest audience of the season in our first game.


Really hope that the club don’t agree.