L 4-0 vs Aston Villa (H) - Wed 21st July, 7:30pm

Our second home pre-season friendly sees our neighbours Aston Villa visit Bescot, with Dean Smith once again returning to the club that made him in management.

I am 50/50 on whether I will be attending, but after going today it’s definitely erring towards being there.

We will undoubtedly see more of the same in terms of many substitutions and a few drinks breaks with the weather scheduled to be pretty warm once again, but it will be a good night to be there under the lights again after so long!

No real team news to report other than we hopefully get to see those who were isolating return for The Saddlers, whilst The Villans will not be bringing Tyrone Mings or new National poster boy Jack Greaish as they are now on their summer break following England’s EURO 2020 campaign.

Who’s going? Who’s not? Why / Why Not? Isn’t it bloody lovely to have The Saddlers back in our lives properly?! :heart:

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I’ll be there. Nice way to start the 6 weeks holidays after I break up from work/school!

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I will be there plus 3… couldn’t get to today’s game because of work

Not for me don’t do friendlies unless they are free lol.

Reckon we might give em more of a game this year mind as its their first game?

Cheers for the 30 odd grand income Villa.

Not sure if anyone can help me - just went to buy 3 tickets for this game and it wouldn’t let me log into my account, stupidly I set up a new account rather than trying to reset my password and now it’s saying I can’t buy a ticket because I’m a new customer!

In that case, it won’t have any prior booking history, and tickets are on only on sale to those with prior booking history. Best to call them on Monday

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Can you just reset the password on your original account and buy that way?

That would be a smart idea! But I created a new account thinking it was something to with the new way they are issuing tickets. I will call them tomorrow because I have plenty of booking history!

I’m assuming that your old account will still work though if you reset the password and access it?

Tickets booked!

If they can’t help, I can always get you a couple on my account. Let me know


Thank you :pray:

I used the same email address as before so thinking it may have over ridden

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Got my tickets for the game.
Not to happy though that your charged an admin fee Ontop but have to pay through the e-ticketing system as no ticket office or cash
.Atleast the system was simple enough

You could ring them in the week, pretty sure you wouldn’t get the extra charge then.

I didn’t get charged when I got mine

Yes, that’s what I did rather than pay the mandatory extra £1.25 per ticket on eTicketing. Still get it as a PDF by e-mail exactly the same - or you can request a good old “proper” ticket if you don’t have a smart phone or printer (in fact this is the only way to get one of those). You can have paper tickets posted out (extra charge for postage) but not sure if you can rock up and collect as used to be the case - as poor old Bob Sadler found out, you can’t buy in person at the ticket office any more.

Some have found that they needed several attempts to get through to the ticket office by phone as they were automatically disconnected after 15 minutes and had to redial (going to the back of the queue again). So may take several tries and a long wait on hold - but you should eventually get through if you hang in there. They do also respond to e-mail but the wait for a reply may be even longer.

A couple of improvements spring to mind:

  1. If the club are wanting all fans to go down the online route for tickets then can something be done about the supplementary charges (maybe a different agent/platform)? If not, then they ought to be advertised as £13.25 instead of £12 (or whatever) so that we aware up front and not get a nasty shock at the checkout.

  2. Can the phone queueing system be improved? Our club aren’t the only ones with this type of system but more and more now you get ones that tell you where about you are in the queue, or even note your number and automatically ring it back when you get to the front so you don’t have to hang on the line.

I know it has been suggested to contact the club with individual niggles/suggestions by e-mail but aren’t these exactly the sort of issues that ought to be bought up at the WMPs?


I’m wondering if a lot of that was to do with the current circumstances and it may be possible once the season starts for the few that still require. I suspect the vast majority will go with the download/printing in the long run as it’ll become quite clear it’s easier in most cases. Then any queues at the ticket office would be a lot smaller than they ever were.


Yes, as I said in another post (lost track of which thread as there are a lot of common themes coming up) some of yesterday’s arrangements were one-off due to the still current Covid restrictions rather than being permanent changes. Which ones though I’m not sure …

I fully support the club’s move towards a more modern approach even with inevitable teething problems as they update their systens and ways of working (though not the extra hidden costs) but there is obviously still a need for turn-up-in-person transactions (be it due to lack of technology - or the more common failure of it, reliance on hard cash, or the casual walk up) and that is going ti be the case whether Covid restrictions are in place or not.


Not going to this one bored of it every year tbh fully understand why particularly at this point in time why it’s beneficial for the club though.