L 4-0 vs Sutton United (A) - League Two - Sat 7th Oct, 3pm

Again, been too busy with work to write a full preview but the next fixture after this they’ll be back.

A trip to London to face bottom of the Football League, Sutton United

The bookies have the hosts as the favourite for this one, even though they have only 4 points so far this season. Why?!

Team lineup?

Who is going?

Sutton United vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Sutton United Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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nearly 3/1


Where? Around 7/4 everywhere I’ve looked. Still too big.


Then we’re back to 444.

Getting far too carried away after getting to 424 last week.

Seems bizarre to have them as favourite given their form and I don’t think they’ve ever beat us. Some Saddler must have lumped on Sutton knowing all too well that Walsall teams often will beat top teams only to loose to the bottom of the league the next week.:grin:


Making a weekend of it. Already nice and sunny here in Sutton with a forecast of it being in the 20s later, and even warmer tomorrow.

Off to see what’s happening in that there London in a bit - see the village hall and duck pond, that sort of thing.


I would go for a 2-1 win to us

I’ll be there, 3-0 walsall, a brace for DJ come on you reds

When it’s 0-0 after 85 minutes of woeful finishing from us, Sadler will bring on Matt! guaranteed win from there then :woman_facepalming:, DJ still with splinters.

On a more serious note, this is an ideal game for a DJ return…we await Sadler’s decision.

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DJ will play tomorrow but remember to play DJ you need to play two up front, most likely to be Matt….if you play two up front there needs to be a sacrifice somewhere else so that means 3 at the back or 442….with 442 I don’t see a place for Hutch or Tierney…you can’t have it all ways.

I am not sure DJ will play. The set up in the last 2 games worked better away from home. I hope he does play.

If Farquharson is fit, it might be a back 3 but otherwise not. 4132?

4132 means no wingers, so can’t see how Oteh or Knowles fit into that.

There’s always a trade off.

It’ll be 442, DJ and Matt.

It’s got banana skin written all over it as far as I’m concerned, then MS will trot out how Sutton are far better than their league position suggests.
I would love DJ to start with Oteh which ok probably means 442 but in all honesty Johnson doesn’t seem to fit in with whatever it is the manager is trying to do.
To be fair we will have to wait and see but it’s very strange to have your marquee signing warming the bench game after game.

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Marvellous ay it?

We finally get squillionaire foreign owners, and they’re a bunch of boring accountants.

We finally get a marquee ‘name’ striker, and he dow play.

We finally get an easy game this season, and it won’t be easy. :grin:


Make no mistake about it this is an extremely difficult fixture for us. They will be straining at a leash to get at us and climb.off the bottom of the league, if we can weather the early storm (and with our record of conceding early that will be no mean feat in itself) then I think we can win, but we should take nothing for granted.

The VBS Community Stadium has been kind to us in previous visits, let’s hope that is the case tomorrow and with another bumper away following good to see there will be a fair few Saddlers roaring the boys on.

No he is out on loan


Sutton may well be seeing this fixture as a must win. Hope that pours the pressure on them and they crumble. 3-1 to Walsall. UTS.

My team:

Riley McEntee Daniels Gordon
Knowles Hutchinson Stirk Oteh

Give Draper a much needed rest, bring him on at 70 minutes. I’d also pull Williams out the firing line for a game. Get the ball down, retain possession and play. These lot ship goals currently and that team has so much going forward to be able to put them to the sword, but also McEntee and Daniels at the back for some solidity to stop an aerial bombardment.

Sadler will probably go unchanged, or maybe drop Oteh for Knowles. I imagine he will want the McEntee screen to help against the direct ball and pressure Sutton are known for.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Does anyone know how to get in touch with @KingCrod to tell him someone has hacked his account?


McEntee will not be playing at the back.

CM will be Stirk and McEntee for sure.

Neither Hutch or Tierney will be played in a 442.