Lavery or Gordon?

One or both must go at the end of the season to get us a much needed goal scorer or 2 .
If only 1 is to go which of the two would you keep.?

I want both to go as they’re finished here, Lavery has never lived up to what I thought he would and Gordon looks like he needs a change of scenery as much as we need to freshen it up all over the pitch.

But if I had to choose then I’d keep Gordon. I think we get more out of him with his work rate. Not saying Lavery is lazy, but there’s more games I forget he’s on the pitch than Gordon. But that could be because the referee reminds me Gordon is on the pitch by blowing for fouls he’s conceding.


And the winner for the most depressing thread title on UTS ever goes tooooo…


Could be a close call with record breakers :joy:



Lavery can trap a ball and is OK at single touch finishes but he seems to be getting slower and slower.

I swear the clock actually started going the other way when he was running last night. A kind of antidote to time wasting whereby someone is that slow, the time goes backwards.

Josh on the other hand is quite good at running but controlling the football seems to be getting harder. I suspect his next goal could well be an attempt to trap the ball on the edge of the box.

I’d vote for Lavery. I like a headed goal and he gets some of those.


2 of the worst players I’ve seen in my 30 years as a fan… get rid ASAP!


Lavery, still think there is a player in there somewhere, he just hiding it very well at the moment. Can see him leaving and having success elsewhere if played in the right system

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If Lavery was option A , Gordon option B , I’d go for C


I think they both need to go. If I was to vote for one though I would go Lavery.

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Both absolute tat.

I can’t bring myself to pick one.

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I’d let them both go, Gordon gets me angry thou.
Clearly as we seen last season and before he’s got what it takes to be a lower league footballer, he chased lost balls, got into space, took responsibility etc but what’s happened to him this season.
Did that injury damage him mentally if so that’s where we maybe have failed him as a club, it’s all well and good getting them through an injury and nursing them back to good health physically but if he’s affected mentally then that needs addressing too, I’ve never seen a player deteriorate like he has in such a short space of time.
A change of scenery will do them both the world of good but I can see Lavery scoring goals when he leaves us in a team that get good crosses into him.


I would vote for Stafflers

Lavery cause at least he’s capable of hitting the target and scoring here and there. Gordon would miss an open goal atm

A serious response is that it isn’t a choice to me made. If we wish to improve, tough and sweeping decisions need to be made. Lavery and Gordon have run their course with us, they should be released and given an opportunity to see if they can resurrect what is left of their careers as professional footballers should anyone else is prepared to give them a chance. Having them hanging around, as with many more in this squad will deliver more of the same.


Gordon will end up at Vale.


Not a chance . No one who has watched Gordon this year will be signing him unless their main objective is to concede free kicks in their own half .

Such a shame as before Covid he was looking the real deal

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If Clarke can get him cheap and on a free I can see it, the Vale fans rate him also.

But I agree with you he’s ■■■■, but I still think he will find a club.

I would let them both go but if given a choice I would keep Gordon. He was doing Ok until the long term injury. I have noticed that other clubs have had players injured during this pandemic and the same has happened to them. I do wonder if all the restrictions we have to follow have had some effect.I suspect training was somewhat different to normal and maybe a pre season would sort him out.Its all academic anyway because he is going elsewhere and I don’t think Lavery will be asked to stay so 2 new strikers it is.


Neither, and if I was BD knowing I was going to be hear next season regardless of results I would start bedding in more youth players and give them a try, as these useless clowns don’t deserve to play.

I remember having the choice of root canal treatment or an extraction not long ago. This choice feels equally painful.