Keep him fit and I reckon he could be the difference between 23rd and 24th - only striker we’ve got who has any positional sense, and can finish.


He also shows good movement off the ball…he is a class above the rest.



We are creating just not finishing

Will be interesting to see Lavery get a run with Morgan because Morgan can create chances for him

Am I missing something… who is Morgan?


Freeman, he is an 82 year old American actor but he would still be better than what is on offer at the moment :laughing::wink:



Multi billionaire bank rumoured to being linked with the club. I believe Pomlett has opened an account there.


Yep Lavery could well be the difference. A natural goal scorer unlike the other two wasters Gaffney and Adebayo. His positional sense is so much better than the rest.
I’d like to see him and Gordon start together, I think he could do wonders for Gordon.


I like the sound of this Morgan bloke.
I’m also going to create my own fictional character midfielder called Rodney that carries the ball forward and puts in defence splitting passes.
Hope he plays next week.If he doesn’t Clarke should be sacked.


:flushed: why does my tablet show Morgan for Mcdonald

But yes I like the sound of Morgan too especially capt morgan

( I did mean to put Morgan in the sentence above not Mcdonald )

If he’s fit, he’s got to start. He reminds me alot of Bradshaw.

Of the four clear chances Cackebayo and Gashney missed today, Lavery would have probably took them.


I thought he took his chance really well today, seemed to have time and made it look easier than it probably was.

Are we contracted to sign Gaffney in January?

Yes, I agree. Gordon and Lavery could be a good combination. I think we need to play counter-attacking football, hitting teams on the break with pace, either in a 4-4-2 formation with McDonald and Hardy out wide with Lavery and Gordon in the centre or in a 4-2-3-1 structure with Sinclair and Bates holding with McDonald on the left, Gordon on the right and Lavery central. Just use those 2 formations: keep it simple and build some momentum. Leigh: please can I replace Darrell? I don’t have any coaching badges but I know a bit about football and can motivate people!


The only thing he’ll be signing is a few forms at the job centre.

The only thing keeping us further up the tree under this manager is Macclesfields’s wage dispute.

Same category as Guthrie for me, if he’s fit he needs to play every single game regardless of opposition or whatever project we have this week.

The only player that looks to have any confidence in the entire ■■■■■■■ squad.

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Just wondering when you take these coaching badges is there a lesson in picking the right bloody team.

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Fortunately when he went to put pen on paper, he missed

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I believe Jay Emmanuel Thomas is a free agent at the moment.