League 2 23/24

24 confirmed teams after todays play off final.


Wrexham, Notts County, Forest Green, Accrington, Morecambe and MK Dons


Leyton Orient, Northampton, Stevenage, Carlisle, Rochdale and Hartlepool

Some extremely big spenders in this league for next season, lets hope Trivela know what they’re doing :sweat_smile:

That map looks like Walsalls got no mates.


At least we won’t start the season in bottom place.

If we end up playing Wrexham first game, Sky will be all over it.

MK Dons are possibly one of our rivals, looking at the map. Notts County and Mansfield? Still quite far from Walsall.

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Shame we have no derbys again we look very isolated on that map.

It does and another way of saying that is that we are the team who is furthest from their nearest other L2 team, which looks like Notts County and after that Swindon, which given the Flynn link, is probably the needle match.

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Some good away days though that are not to far away notts county,wrexham,mansfield , mk dons ,Tranmere,Stockport and Swindon

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Looks like we will be slipping further down the spending budget league


Hell will freeze over before i travel to Milton Keynes again.


Just the kind of thing I would have expected Trivela to say when took control of our club

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Looking at the teams in the division for next year , the budgets they have and Walsalls continuing decline and hiring of a rookie yes man manager we may be lucky to survive next year
Top 10 is a pipe dream


The budget they got promoted with was the lowest in tbe league by all accounts so animcrease on that still may not make it a big budget.

This time last year no one would have picked Carlisle or Stevenage to get promoted or Leyton Orient to completely dominate.

Living in North Herts I’ve lost Orient, Northampton and Stevenage as my nearest away days, but gained MK.

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It never rains but it pours.

It’s going to be as fiendishly difficult to get out of this division as ever, no doubt about that. Looks an intriguing list of challengers and it will be a fools game at this stage predicting our chances or that of any of our rivals. Let’s hope Mat comes back refreshed after a fortnight abroad ready to plot our path to the top 10 and beyond.


And you think ours will be anywhere near competitive on the back of reduced season ticket sales. Dont get thinking any windfall from Adebayo is going into our budget. That will be treated like a dividend to Trivela’s investors, and no doubt LP negotiatwd a share in the sell-on clause to Trivela.

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I suspect that if that statement was published in a newspaper, it might be libellous.

The fiirst dog to be taken for libel.