League Two Average Away Attendances

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Decent effort by us. Obviously our central location helps but it was another really naff season - especially on the road.

That bottom six. Sucking the life and atmosphere out of professional football matches. Forest Green and Salford particularly annoying. The former carrying all before them most of the season and yet travelling away on a motor bike. And Salford - don’t get me started.


Fair play to Exeter and Carlisle like!


How do compare as a percentage of average home attendance?

Those bottom 6 teams are a disgrace to football. FGR have won the league and their average away attendance is only 25% of Bristol Rovers who were highest.
The really annoying thing is that they will reap the financial benefits next season of having larger influxes of away supporters at their place , whilst their own pathetic, measley away followings will contribute sod all to the host teams. In fact I bet it costs home teams more in stewarding and police fees than these plastic, new monied, feebly-supported excuses for clubs actually generate in ticket sales when they play away.
To echo PT, please don’t get me started on Gary Neville’s Shambles FC.


I expected us to be slightly higher than that for some reason.

Guessing the Vale , Tranmere , Salford , Mansfield followings we’re off set against to many dead rubbers.

Good point Mazza. Seven out of the top nine in that list had a chance of reaching the play-offs until the last week of the season, so their attendances are bound to be much higher.
For example there is no way Swindle Town would have brought anywhere near 3500 to us had they been in the bottom half, and the large numbers of extra attendees involved over a few end of season matches will soon inflate the average.

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How did vale finish 4th ???
Unless it’s a typo :man_shrugging:

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In the run in they were right on the edge of automatic promotion whilst also trying to guarantee their play off berth. Really key games. I think they sold out at Hartlepool, Exeter and of course at our gaff. So much like we got to within spitting distance of averaging 1,000 away in 2006/7, they will have had a late boost to their numbers.

Exactly we were robbed of good followings at places such as Northampton where we would normally take a few.

Think your missing it

It says
4th - Vale 576
5th - Mansfield 718
6th- Tranmere 709

How’s that work ???

Should be 776

Can’t get into slagging off other clubs’ support as I have mossive respect for anyone that can be arsed to follow a L2 club away from home.


That’s brilliant from us. Helped of course with how easy some of our fans have made it for others to travel such as Locko and ISSA. Hope this continues as it helps the atmosphere massively at our away games.

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With Swindon bringing 3,500 to us they could have taken zero fans to every other away game and their average for the season would have been 152, more than the Harrogate, Crawley and Stevenage averages and only slightly less than Salford’s 157 !!


Good effort from Barrow given that they are so far away from anywhere.


Sums up how a couple of key games can skew the figures. Average tells one story, mean attendance, but I bet our median is a lot higher.

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I wonder what the total number of miles travelled would be for the away fixtures for the different clubs. For Carlisle, their ‘Cumbrian Derby’ at Barrow is 70 miles away, roughly the same as FGR for us.

Not sure our central location has benefited us all that much, especially when you look at the bunching of the teams.

Example Tranmere , Rochdale , Oldham , Salford , Bradford all within distance of each other. Then you have Bristol Rovers , FGR , Newport and even Exeter bunched close enough.

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Poor numbers from Northampton and Bradford. Oldham particularly good.