League Two Grounds

Grounds you might go to this season, Covid-19 permitting. E&EO


Who plays at that state-of-the-art modern stadium top left?


Dunno, but Walsall hardly ever do


We complain about the Banks’s I know but looking at some of those so called stadiums , utter crap

Valley Parade looks a bit naff from the air. If you were sitting in the new bit, you’d be looking out over a 4th Division ground. Half-developed grounds are always weird. Anyone remember Vetch Field?

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Colchester’s pitch looks like it could do with a good watering! :brown_square:

Worse than Fellows Park was?

Could social distance at the Reebok no problem, pretty sure the whole away end holds 5k.

Bit out of date as it has Macclesfield on there instead of Stevenage.

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I loved Fellows Park for the atmosphere , but yes it was a dump compared to most on the clip , but the Banks’s has generated some good atmospheres and still looks tidy next to some on there .

Would love us to be able to grow our support and have a new state of the art stadium , but I will settle for us to own the Banks’s first … are you there Jeff


Try not to disturb him whilst he is counting his money!

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I was looking forward to Barrow and Harrogate away but at this moment in time it would be nice just to see a game live again.


The Banks’s would look 100% better if we eliminated those awful stanchions. Besides the two-tier stand, the stadium looks like a…“built on a budget” job.


Is there a better sponsor’s name that brings a smile to your face than the “Johnny Rocks Stadium”?

No, but Crawley’s “People’s Pensions Stadium” could be slightly adapted for Bescot as the “One Person’s Pension Stadium”


I was just wondering, with all this no fans in stadiums, some clubs will go to the wall, if it happened to us, and the team no longer existed but the club and other parts of the business did, would they still have to pay rent to bonzo?

A dump that enables atmosphere, gets the hairs standing up on the back of your neck just by dint of seeing the floodlights being switched on in the distance, the feeling that your standing on a concrete step that your fellow fan laid years back, paid for by a director that loved the club.

Not picking an argument, but to me Fellows Park wasn’t a dump apart from in the last few years when the various regimes in charge wern’t interested in maintaining it properly, probably from about 85 onwards, and then there was the ridiculous implementation of the scandalous Taylor report gumph that turned it into something it was never meant to be.

The bogs? Any better at Bescot…really?? Try the bogs at Burnley in the Prem in 2020, or the away end at the Hawthorns. Personally I’ve always gone to the match to watch football first and foremost.

Fellows Park was great for that purpose.

I maintain that with a bit of well spent money we could still be playing at our spiritual home, no doubt it would be vastly different to those of us that remember it, but I bet any money it would still also be familiar.


I agree geordie with your sentiments , I was just stating compared to some of the grounds on the clips it was a dump .
I went for many years to Fellows Park and enjoyed it so much more than I do at the Banks’s, it had so much more atmosphere and felt like our home and one which we owned .


If we’d have spend money on FP, Bescot wouldn’t have been built and Bonser wouldn’t have been able to line his pockets for the past 30 years!
I think that answers your question

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It would have cost more to bring FP up to date than what Bonser paid for the Banks’s. It was in desperate need of repair/replacement, and from a financial aspect, not cost effective.

Sorry to disagree Geordie, Fellows Park was a dump, great atmosphere but a dump nonetheless.