League Two Grounds

More to the point there would have been no gain for certain people, not naming any names.

Talking about dumps, Luton town and the Shay spring to mind.

I agree, it would definitely have cost more than £0.00.

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Good post. For me, the main difference between Fellows Park an the Bonks’s was Fellows Park had a soul. Our present home is a morgue.

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Dumps is that the whole of Luton

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FP, Burnden Park, Ayersome Park, Roker Park, Bell Vue, Springfield Park, The Den, Baseball Ground, Boothery Park, Eastville, Feethams, Highfield Road, Leeds Road, Maine Road, Old Show Ground, Saltergate, Vetchfield, Viictoria Ground… and many others… I haven’t met many fans of any of those clubs who are my generation who prefer the new ground. One of the few positive things about being and old git is having had the opportunity to watch the Saddlers in those places. Can’t think of too many new grounds i prefer to the old ones. “Edit”. II went to Baseball round but not to see the Saddlers, Derby beat Florest 4-1, John Duncan scored a hatrick, no idea why I went to that one, probably something to do with ale. Not sure if/when Walsall played at the Baseball Ground…


Played Derby a few times in the 80s mate, they were in Division 3 a few years. I went 2 or 3 times. Lovely pitch !

Flip me… forgot those … ale…

We also beat Chesterfield 1.0 Fa cup replay in December 1976.

Another club with a new ground.

I know, went to Saltergate loads of times. It was just Derby that I had a huge memory lapse about :grinning:

That would be due to the copious amounts of delirium :joy:

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You’re lucky. Most people who have been to Derby need lots of expensive therapy to enable them to forget it. You’ve done it for the price of a few pints of Guinness. Does your method work with Burnley as well? If it does I’m trying it. :laughing:

What I meant was we played Chesterfield in FA cup second replay at a neutral ground which on that occasion was The Baseball Ground. It was very cold

Are you sure you weren’t at Bondary Park, Oldham? Always f-f-f-freeezing when you go there!

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Yep it us and last time I went there I slipped down the bank outside and got plastered in mud too. Horrible lol

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sounds like a couple too many to me :laughing: :beers: :beer: :beers: :beer: :beers:


That and trainers with no grip left on the bottom

Absolutely nothing to do with the trainers it was the bloke wearing them I still laugh about it now

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Harsh lol​:beer::tired_face::tired_face: