League Two Manager of the month vote

The squad and management team that he recruited,? It doesn’t happen by luck.


:joy::joy: common sense.

Perhaps he is being backed better there?

The squad was recruited for him by the DoF as was his very able coach.

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Hopefully this is well timed for the “Manager of the Month” kiss of death/loss of form especially with our upcoming fixture looming

Especially as he has previous. I think that the blue is a twonk, but he clearly is better at managing a professional football club compared to many.

Piece in the Guardian about Vale

It doesn’t help our cause and team spending budget one iota being financially shackled to a Cypriot corpse for the lion’s share of half a million quid a year and been run on the cheap for decades because of it

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Interesting piece… I’m going to assume the quote about ‘philosophy’ is from his time with us.

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At least he makes a cursory mention of his time with us. From the Guardian article, I thought that he’d lost two years of his life!

Never has a man loved to talk about himself more.


As expected, he left because of our what happened in January.

Begging for loans kinds of sums us up, I know most hate him but you can’t blame him for leaving.

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The blokes a top tier tosser, but I think we are becoming a bit obsessed. Like a ex who creates a fake profile to see if their enjoying life with their new Mrs.

Im sick of hearing about him and Vale.


Get used to it. The probability is that he will be picking up the title trophy or at least getting promo in our backyard in April. Cant wait…

Hope the lads on the pitch get their act together and stick it up the Vale big style on D-Day 23rd November in front of 1600 ecstatic Saddlers Fans

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I certainly don’t think we will lose :grin:

It’s a shame he couldn’t do what he has done elsewhere, here.

If he swears like that in the presence of a well respected writer like Henry Winter, I’d hate to think what his language is like in the dressing room!
I’m a well mannered, polite and respectable 62 year old but I have a inkling that I’m going to shout some very rude things at him at the Vale match because I don’t like him.

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Ps I know he’s doing a good job at the moment and fair play to him. But I wonder what the Vale owners think of his expletive laden interview in the national press.It hardly presents a good image does it!
I’m so glad he doesn’t represent my club.