League Two Play-Off Final - Mansfield Town vs Port Vale - Sat 28th May, 4pm

For all things to do with the L2 Play-Off Final.

Who wins?

League Two Play-Off Final Winner
  • Mansfield Town
  • Port Vale

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Voted for the one I want to happen simple really :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope it’s Mansfield but I’ve got a horrible feeling it will be Vile


I’m sure 100% everyone on here voting will want Mansfield to win , and win very convincingly by a very good margin .

Don’t matter what size of pitch we played on Red, US at FFH still destroyed ya at TP and Kenny will have to admit it, :man_shrugging: :rofl: :rofl:, see ya next season :+1:

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Sorry wrong thread

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Let it go mate , it wasn’t THAT often you beat us , even if you are on the wrong thread :joy:
Look forward to you getting the first round in next season at the Railway :wink: :joy:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:, only every year

Vale are winning this. Both teams are poor but Vale are slightly better.

Only a fool would stick their neck on the line to confidently predict thus. Barely a hair’s breadth between them and in front of a 40,000+ Wembley audience anything could happen.


Does Clarke have to sit this one out after the red card? And do we reckon Clough is a slightly better manager?

Vale will nick it I reckon.

Vote for the fail knowing I get predictions wrong… UTS.

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I’ve gone with Vale. I base this on nothing but the ‘luck’ they’ve had in the play offs so far. Swindon had the chance to finish the game off in the first leg with a third and bollocksed it up. Then had the penalties in the second leg which were all but over yet somehow turned that around.
Defend and organise themselves in the final as they did in the second leg they’ll keep Mansfield out and probably end up nicking a goal.

Really liked the look of that Kian Harratt by the way who they have on loan from Huddersfield.

After seeing Clarke’s post match interview after the second leg v Swindon where he called that game a slug-fest at times and I can’t see the final being any better a game.

I’d be surprised if there were many goals so i’ll go 1-0 and the toss of the coin came down for Vale!

I wouldn’t begrudge Clarke a win after the what he’s just been through.


I much prefer the National League playoff system. One game with the team finishing highest at home.

6 clubs in the playoff. 1st those in 4th to 7th playoff.

Notts Co host Grimsby
Halifax host Chesterfield

The winners are then away to 2nd and 3rd, Wrexham and Solihull

and the the winners play off.
No 2 leg ties, the higher you finish means home advantage.
If you finish 6th or 7th you’re away in every game.

If applied to league 2, then 4th to 9th would make the playoffs.


If they could see their way to extending it from 4th to say 17th, then I think we could be in business.