Leicester match

So can anybody explain the 12.30 kick off if it’s not on the telly

Mostly likely required by the police.

Maybe on television elsewhere or is being held in reserve for some reason. Incidentally one of my friends who supports Nottingham Forest tells me Leicester were poor yesterday and she thinks we have a chance unless Maddison returns!!!


Hope they don’t do a Chelsea(7 0(

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Why have the club not explained?

You’re mate’s a Forest fan! Bet he loves you😄

Because they don’t need to explain kick off times :joy: It’ll be a police decision.

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If 12.30 KO is down to the Police I don’t understand the logic. In a list of potentially explosive fixtures at our place, Leicester at home would be way down the list. I don’t see any reason why there would be trouble, well no more than any capacity or big crowd with a large away following. Hopefully it might mean we still have a chance of getting on TV after all depending on the replays. Either way it’s a right pain in the butt. I hate early kick offs, means 7.30 am train for me :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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It is almost certainly to fit in with the “spreading out” of the FA Cup ties so that they can be more widely marketed to foreign tv stations and to fit in with the time differences of those stations. Hence our Stockport game was watched live in Sweden by Pär Stener and in the USA by davidusa.

I’m sure everyone realises that money is the ONLY thing that matters in the pro game and as much of it as possible must be fed up to the highest-ranked clubs, particularly those at the top end of the Greedy Pigs (a.k.a. Premier) League.


Presume this one will end up on ESPN or some such again? Wonder if we make any money for it?

Maybe people from Leicester inherently hate people from Walsall for some random thing that happened 3000 years ago . Therefore this has the potential for an onfield battle between our knights that the police are trying to avoid ?

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Shit time for a game!!!

Thought early KOs were designated to games where they think there could be trouble, to try and reduce drinking time pre-game?

My mate in this case is female but her husband supports Forest too :grinning: They are Season Ticket holders there and hate playing Walsall …I cannot think why :grinning::grinning:


If you were in Dean Smith’s squad you’d have had to live close to the ground… problem solved :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy:

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FA a few years back signed a deal so they show non UK televised cup games at strange kick off teams for foreign audiences so I assume this is the one picked (how it never made the domestic choices I’ll never know).

Nowt to do with police. Its a schedule for tv. Plan bcdef.

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I remember going to Leicester one year in our Championship days, one of their lot threw a bottle in the away end and our fans were tearing down the segregation to get to them. Long time ago now but the potential for a little bit of trouble is there

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There were bottles raining down from one side and coins from the other with nowt done by coppers or stewards. Our old friend Sheffield Saddler lit up a cigar and they pounced on him.

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