Leigh Pomlett - a credit to the town and club


Agreed GREG…I think we have a good bloke in charge.


He didn’t say anything for a few weeks though :man_shrugging:t2:


I couldn’t agree more Greg ,you would never see bonser making an appearance and getting the club involved for a worthy cause,He’s trying to bring the club and town together so fair play to him.


Forget all the daft conspiracy theories and people saying something isn’t right. Leigh clearly has the club and town at heart.


Fantastic work. Walsall FC is surely bigger than just the football team on a Saturday, reconnecting with the community is crucial for our Club to prosper and to see the guy at the very top showing that commitment is very refreshing.



More club related by it’s worth nothing he also invited all 1888 suite season ticket owners to dinner with him as a thank you for their continued support.

But obviously nOtHinGs cHaNgED bOnSeR iN aLl BuT nAmE


Thinking back did anyone ever see Bonser appearing in public?
Or indeed have his photograph shown doing good deeds by, or for the club?
The ‘sort of’ new guy is indeed a breath of fresh air to the club and the town.


I thought this at half time on Saturday. Our Chairman being applauded on to the pitch and making a public presentation to recognise the long service of a member of staff, it’s completely new territory.


Cool. Hope he signs the players we need in Jan.


Being a bit pedantic but it will be DC signing them not LP - he will just be providing the budget needed (well hopefully he will!)

Okay I’ll bite.

With what money exactly?? We are still paying our landlord!

Give it a rest.

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No need to bite, DC has already confirmed there is money left over :+1:

I’m sure Pomlett didn’t think it was a cheap job when he took on this rebuild. We’ve been paying our landlord for years, turning a profit, and, supposedly, reinvesting it 50/50 into the club. I’m not sure why it means we would be skint now.

Pedantic and wrong. Pomlett has been through this. Clarke gives him names, Pomlett tries to sign them. Like every football club:

“Darrell hasn’t given me a name yet I haven’t been able to get” - Pomlett

Pedantic but not necessarily wrong … if you listen to what he actually said in that press conference rather than misquoting a précised transcript, it was “we” not “I” (and I would assume that he was using “we” to mean the club a whole not just him and DC as a pair) - as far as I am aware, LP has never claimed to sign the players himself!!!

And before anyone out there drags up that we certainly have missed out on some names DC was interested in - LP was making that statement shortly after he was announced as our new chairman at the end of July, so was only speaking of events up to that point not making a promise that it was always be the case (to be fair, DC had signed 14 players by the time LP said this so it may have appeared like that to some people).


No actually I’m sure you are right, the chairman probably isn’t in charge of things like spending thousands on players …

Misquoting? You can listen to that quote in his chat with Masi. But if we are going to argue this much about I or we then I’d suggest you’ve taken pedantry to a new level. He clearly meant himself. If it was “we” he meant the club. And he owns the club. Jesus Christ.

It was me who mentioned something not be right. I have absolutely nothing against LP and things like this I really support.

My only worry is Bonser , he still weighing heavily on the club.

No criticism just a genuine concern!

What a man


Your original statement was that you hoped that “he” (the implication being it was LP you were referring to as this thread is specifically about him - if you meant someone else then I apologise for getting my wires crossed) would sign the players we need in January. My reply (a bit tongue in cheek - but I flagged I was being pedantic) was making the point that it is DC who does the signing (at least the identification and photo op when getting the players signature on a contract, if not the actual negotiations themselves), and that LP provides the budget - which in itself acknowledges that he is in charge of things like spending thousands on players which your last reply insinuates I am denying. I very much doubt he actually sits in on contract negotiations himself, and he also said in the press conference that he will not get involved in the footballing side himself, presumably leaving it to DC and his backroom team to do all this, so in that respect he does NOT sign players!!!

To be absolutely clear - DC will identify the players that he (DC NOT LP) thinks we need. And then we (as in Walsall FC) will attempt to sign them - hopefully with the backing of LP providing a budget that makes it possible (although not guaranteed as money is not always the only factor in these things).

When you tell other people to read your posts carefully and not misquote or extrapolate false conclusions, then you would do well to heed your own advice before you do the same yourself!!

BTW What interview with Masi are you talking about as it was the open press conference on the 31st July where he said it - Masi was present and the printed quote in the E&S is definitely “we” which matches the words you can hear him speak.

Getting back to the original theme of this thread - Pomlett comes over as a genuine person in all aspects, and I’ve not seen or heard anything yet that doesn’t make me happy he is our chairman. I’m not going to go off him if we don’t achieve promotion at the first attempt - he’s already asked fans to be patient (there are 23 other teams in this division who all have the same ambition and, by definition, 20 of them will fail to realise it!)

Fair play @el_nombre. Arguing on a thread about an Acorns Charity donation takes some doing, but you’re excelling again…