Let's pack the place out


Independent saddlers supporters association

Calling all saddler fans both past and present
Please put aside any issues you have in relation to of the pitch issues , or the disgraceful scenes we witnessed at the final whistle on Saturday

Get down there on Friday, and prove our beloved club is worth fighting for , it needs us more than ever, forget certain players as they will be gone within a month, but let’s show them what passion and comitment REALY means, you never know it might actually shame them into doing what they are paid to do,

Relegation will be a total disaster for our club, And could. Be the beginning
of the end in more ways than one , as we will not come back from it

As said you all know my views on the owner, but realise that, it’s going to be a long process in seeing change , but we can do our bit by packing the place out and show them we do care and will fight to see it get treated with the respect it deserves its our club and always will be

There is a new group called Walsall fans for change, and alongside Issa we have been granted the opportunity to sit down and engage in open dialogue with the hierarchy of the club , so I urge all fans and Issa members to get behind the guys involved.
With both groups and at least try to get a better future, for our club

As for the so called trust, it is disgraceful that a so called body which is supposedly set up to represent the fans, continues to be silent,
Not one post from them, questioning what we are witnessing, not one post urging fans to get down there, not one post questioning how this situation has been allowed to develop, Yet they supposedly represent you the fans. What a joke

Hopefully whatever league we find ourselves in the two groups mentioned will carry the baton on behalf of you the fans, and represent you all in the correct way, It’s your club and it’s only right you , are allowed to bring your views to the table, but as said let’s put that on the back burner till summer, when I can assure you , there will be at least two groups working hard on your behalf,

This is not the board of Walsall football club. Asking for your support,it’s a bunch of like minded fans, who realise the real issues relegation will bring And no we can’t alter what will happen on the pitch , but we can play a big part in what happens off it, so get down there on Friday and show them. We do care and will fight to the bitter end.

Please on Friday give it your all , sing loud ,
Sing proud, and pray for our survival,
If on ninety mins , we have again been let down let them have it both barrels , but not during the game, there’s far more on the line for us fans than any of the players, don’t give them the excuse to turn it round on us

Please note these are my own thoughts and not those of any others who are involved with. Issa or Walsall fans for change ,



I will be there and i’ll support them - can’t lie though, it is hard to actually support this lot anymore as I dislike pretty much all of them.

The mere thought of the usual suspects running out in a Walsall shirt on Friday is winding me up as I type.



You’ve got about as much chance of packing the place out on Friday as Andy Cook has of being named slimmer of the year at his weight watchers group.



This. I will be there too, but Christ - am I fed up of this tea - with the exception of Gordon, Kinsella and Dobson.



I’ll be there as usual, but I just have such little enthusiasm to actually support this team.



Good post DH, passionate and a good accurate reflection, I’ll be there, but like others will find it hard to back these jumped up wannabe footballers that have disgraced our club along with the suits upstairs, let’s hope we have something to cheer about come the final whistle.

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Not sure about packing the place out will be lucky to get 5,000 in after the last 2 performances

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Good post but I won’t be there. Not because I am staging a boycott but I have other commitments. The first home game I will have missed this year so, no doubt, we will win.I do hope so but I am reconciled to relegation now.



What were the “disgraceful scenes we witnessed at the final whistle on Saturday” out of interest?

Calling out the team/individual players and abusing them after you lose a big game is par for the course I’m afraid nowadays.

I remember Man. United losing a game in europe a few seasons back and as they came over to applaud the fanbase who were there were chanting back at them “we’re f***ing s***”

Could understand it more if a fan had got on the pitch and attacked a rival player as we saw in a game a few weeks back…

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The only disgraceful scenes I saw on Saturday were before the final whistle rather than after it.

The feedback the players received from the people who pay their wages as they trudged off was a bit sweary and a bit aggressive. Cookie gave a bit back. But “disgraceful”? - nah.

During bad times that was pretty much par at Fellows Park as players used to have to walk a similar gauntlet towards the dressing room every week. Then fans could carry on giving them feedback through the dressing room window/showers as the walk out of Fellows Park enabled that too.



If that’s the case, then well done to all those who gave feedback.

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That’s right win or lose ( God help the players when they lost ) fans would congregate about 10mins before the end of the match to vent their anger or cheers by that tunnel ! Lol

Wonder that frosted glass never went through too, like you say, with fans walking straight past :facepunch::facepunch:

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The scenes I refer to where not aimed at fans , they had every right to vent there Anger , I was referring to how a couple of players , tried to antagonise fans with there reaction,s,
Fair play to Nicky devlin who tried to defuse the sittuation,
Cooks reaction was uncalled for, I get his disappointment , but to react the way he did was
Also the best left back in the world , ( in his mind only may I add ). Mocked fans twice during the game , when he was given some stick by fans in the seated area
Just goes to show how much respect they have for the ones who contribute to there salary week in week out



If he’d just been running his ■■■■■■■■ off and we only lost because of a fluke or something then it wouldn’t have been disrespectful to give the fans a bit back (see Leahy Vs Gillingham).

Problem is we just put in a nothing performance where nobody turned in a concerted effort that pretty much saw us relegated. A Team that apparently should be pushing for promotion to the championship according to the directors!

Walk off and take the flack you deserve. Giving anything back at all in that scenario is disrespectful. Particularly away from home to fans that have paid and travelled to watch that utter ■■■■■.



No surprise about unprofessional behaviour from Cook. If he was professional he’d have laid off the chips a bit.



Now that the dust has settled, I’m not going to hold it against Cook after his contributions this season with his goals. Yes it angered many of us, yes it was unprofessional but let’s hope he learns from that and doesn’t do it again this season.

I honestly believe it was just his frustrations getting the better of him, we have all been there! There are worse players who don’t give a ■■■■. I genuinely believe he does care. I’ve backed him all season and to see his reaction was really disappointing but we have to try and forget about it. He isn’t the man who deserves anger, even with his outburst.

Just four games left, let’s at least stick with each other as fans and with any player who wants to go out there and prove that they care too in these next four games.



Totally agree mate that’s why I said put all issues aside and get down there and show we have a club worth fighting for, Everything else can wait till the season has ended



I won’t be back until next season. These idiots don’t deserve my support. I’ll be cleaning my car out instead and enjoying a day off Monday.

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Have to say im not sure im going to bother until next season now until this lot of wasters are gone

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I won’t be there, going to the Lake District. Haven’t renewed for next year and not certain if I’ll bother going to the last game. If the players can’t be bothered, why should I be?