Let's pack the place out


Actually, I don’t think I’m that bothered if Cook goes. We have looked a better footballing side without him. Yes, he’s scored a few goals but the team has been set up precisely for him. He has also missed a shed load of chances. He isn’t fit enough, he lacks mobility and doesn’t bring other players into the game. Let’s get a few hundred grand for him and then he can do one. As for Leahy, he must have been directly responsible for 15-20 goals conceded over the last two seasons. He should concentrate on learning how to defend rather than giving it the “big un” when he receives justified criticism. If he did improve his defending, there is the makings of a good player there.



Can’t believe i’m Saying this about our only real source of goals this season … cook in league 2 to will do a job for us I think but as a league 1 player I think lacks fitness levels required. Does not win as much in the air as maybe he should do . Dictates the hoof ball we play ( which u can get away with in div 2 with defenders of less ability).And is very static and does not make runs before a cross comes into the box . And after Saturdays disrespect to the Walsall fans who will be here long after he has gone . Let’s cash in 250,000 maybe.



Well I have to say I received some stick about saying he wasn’t good enough a couple of months ago. I’m glad some more people are starting to see it now.

I think we should cash in now while he looks hot property although I imagine many teams have scouted him before we got him as 20+ goals in the conference doesn’t go unnoticed.

I don’t care if we don’t get money for Ferrier. He can just go.



He cost £35’000 bonzo will have sleepless nights letting him go for nothing, either that or he will make us pay some way.

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Let’s wait to see who Chris Powell manages next, he’ll take him.

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For a second I thought you was on about me tinned . I know I can get a bit over excited before a match . But pride of the midlands :joy:

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:grin: Nah mate. I mean Gavin the pitchside match announcer.



Maybe you mishear him. It’s possible he is saying we are the ride of the midlands. After all, everyone ■■■■■ us.



Unfortunately it could be us!



And didn’t without him in the team crucially. I defended Keates over the Barnsley game and not playing him. But we are so toothless without him it’s unreal. One Gordon performance against Bradford doesn’t change that.

Players that score 17 goals a season (not finished yet) in a ■■■■ team really aren’t the problem.



I know what he done was out of order last week but I think, unlike the rest of our players he has a bit of passion and gives a ■■■■, so I’d say keep him next season in league 2 and get some players round him that suit him and he’ll score the goals we need

Try and get something for Ferrier and get a decent couple of wingers, with the 2 CM’s being Kinsella (hopefully) and Dobson - both of these are clearly good enough at league one but don’t look their best lately so a good season in League 2 would do their confidence good

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