Leyton Orient (A) - Mon 5th April, 3pm

Off to the Capital we head to take on Leyton Orient in what, given LP’s conversation at the WPM, should be a WIN OR BUST game for Brian Dutton’s managerial reign at Walsall Football Club.

The O’s head into this Easter Monday clash 9th in League Two, on the cusp of the playoffs being just one point away from sneaking in, so rest assured they will be gunning for another victory to get them there.

Currently Orient are led by Joel Joshua Frederick Melvin McAnuff, more commonly known as Jobi McAnuff, following the departure of Ross Embleton earlier this year. McAnuff appears to have helped Orient turn a corner given their recent form.

The last six games that Leyton Orient have played have given them 14 points out of a possible 18 against the following:

9th March - Stevenage (h) - Drew 0-0
13th March - Scunthorpe United (h) - Drew 1-1
20th March - Newport County (a) - Won 1-0
23rd March - Carlisle United (a) - Won 1-0
27th March - Oldham Athletic (h) - Won 2-1
2nd April - Mansfield Town (a) - Won 2-0

A daunting task for us at a time where we find ourselves with 1 win in 19 games, but just like Jesus, perhaps this will be the first full day of our resurrection, who knows?

Team selection for the game will be interesting as I feel that the team selected for the previous game against Harrogate Town was actually pretty good, and the 4-4-2 formation appeared to work for the most part. I’d like to see the same side selected, with Rory Holden definitely continuing his recovery coming from the bench. That said, we are all probably expecting some changes, so who do you want to see start the game?

Various players have shared history between the clubs and I’ll leave that to @TheBostedSlab as per usual, but also as I usually do I’ll give you two names that most Saddlers fans will have an affection for who have played for both clubs - Adam Chambers and Dean Smith.

Will you be watching the game? Let us know. I most certainly will be, and considering I firmly believe that Brian Dutton HAS to win the game, it will be interesting to see just how attacking we try to be.

Leyton Orient vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Leyton Orient Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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For me it is all or nothing, i think it is to dangerous to park the bus and hope to keep them out, we need to play like we did today and attack, but somehow i think it could be a sound beating by one of the leagues better clubs looking to get into the play offs :neutral_face:

0-0 the best we can hope for yet again!!! How depressing no matter who the opponents are in division 4

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And don’t forget, we looked ok today against a club with nothing to play for :grimacing:

I’m less confident about a 4-2 win in this if I’m honest with ya.


Whatever the result, BD to keep his job.

Not sure I understand why this is all or nothing, it’s not pretty but we will limp over the line.

Southend won’t catch us.

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I wish I was as confident as you Mazza.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on their game today as I suspect the hierarchy at the club will be.

I think we have plenty more bore draws in us :sleeping:

At least we ain’t conceding many - probably since Scarr is out the team

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I’ve been saying this for two years!

Scarr is crap.

Kinsella ain’t a midfielder.

Norman can’t defend for toffy


2-1 Win.

Lavery and Holden

I honestly do not think we will go down so in a weird way a 3 or 4 nil spanking might not be a bad thing as I fear a draw will keep BD employed as manager.

Short term pain, long term gain.

We are certainly capable of winning the game. The big question is: what system does BD play? White is available again so he might well return to a back 3/5. I would like to see him go again for the win. Orient will be tense too - I don’t buy this Harrogate mid-table so don’t care as you can argue the other way and say that they had the freedom to play with no worries - so if we attack we might well get some joy.

On the basis this league is ■■■■ we are a capable of winning, but we are also ■■■■ so probably a loss but hopefully a point

Exactly my own thoughts and for as long.

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Surely with Harrogate being our best performance and we should have won comfortably he was turn back to the 5 at the back which just hasn’t worked?? Though I do agree that we would concede more chances in 442 / 4231 than 532

He’s done a pretty good job of it so far this season :man_shrugging:

Kinsella has looked (even) better at right back though, I agree.

I knew you’d get there in the end mi amigo :wink:

I never said he can’t play there, I just disagreed he’s poor in the middle. Still better than Bates :+1: