Leyton Orient (A) - Mon 5th April, 3pm


But frees or loans are all we’ll get, unless we can raid the lower leagues (there are some lower leagues, aren’t there?) or some youngsters come good.

Listen. We lost our two best players from a pretty poor team, now we’re struggling: big surprise. I don’t know enough about football nor, being an exile, about WFC to pass judgement but I would like to see Dutt the Mutt given a chance to build a squad, so long as he has the sort of contract that won’t cost us money if he is not up to the job.
All my knowledge of WFC comes from from UTS. I note the degree of consensus about stuff but the consensus is usually far from 100%, so I can still have my worthless opinions and I’m the patient sort who would like to see him given a bit more time and leeway. I note a glimmer of hope in someone’s remark that we were trying - a bit - to play it out from the back occasionally: reminds me of Dean Smith’s early days. However, I also note from my research (i.e. reading what the owners/management said about their own team, Lincoln) that a more agricultural form of soccer, perhaps with a couple of big lummoxes up front, a destroyer in midfield and a brick privy at the back, is a more successful template for success than tippy-tappy stuff, when exiting from the lower reaches of the EFL is the main aim. I leave those with more football knowledge to comment on this. Personally, I’ve never been much bothered by the method or the luck when watching (or even just keeping check on) my beloved WFC as long as the score is right at the end of the game i.e. a win. I do have a slight preference for a good performance and 6 - 2 beats 1 - 0 or 2 - 1 any day, but, at the end of that day, all that matters (and puts me in a good mood for days) is a win. I’m just being honest here.

Why are you in exile?