Liam Bennett Signs

Booked and hooked off , shame for the lad or is that the wrong Bennett

They have a plethora of Bennett’s and Rennetts reading the forum, could be any one of them at the moment lol

I think it was the other (centre half) Bennett, who they signed recently, who got subbed.

Oh right wasn’t sure that’s why I questioned myself , still bad day for the lad

Friend went see Cambridge v Brizzle. Said Bennett was best player on the pitch. He was unaware he had played for us until I told him.

So many ex players doing well today , Adebayo , Bradshaw , Scarr , Leahy all scoring for their teams

He’s playing in a poor team at higher level, lads got no chance to shine.


Three different stats sites all have him as Cambridges lowest ranked player. I very much doubt even the most dubious among us can imagine stats will show the best player on the pitch to have been the worst.

I agree, he’s in a very poor side and stepped up a level so it’s never going to be easy but it does highlight the level of ‘carried away ness’ we were witnessing when people were talking half a million, future premier league, and being worth £10mill in 5 years time.

Doesn’t change the fact he was good for us.


He was ok for us yes, but I had my doubts about whether he was good enough to step up 1 level let alone 2 or 3. That’s not to say he won’t be decent in the future, although I don’t see Champ or Prem at any stage.

or the fact that he has potential to go a long way and have a successful career if he continues with similar application and attitude. He could follow a similar trajectory to many others, move to Championship club, shine and move onto PL club. With his attitude I can see him continuing to improve with experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to improve to see him in the PL and demanding big fees.

Blimey give him a chance before writing him off.

He’s played 3 games for em

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“Potential” is the money.

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Not basing it on his 3 Cambridge games at all.

Fair enough will agree to disagree.

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Paying for potential and proven are two totally different things. Hard work, dedication coupled with footballing ability will see him do well.

To go from a side playing well where confidence is high, to a side void of confidence and struggling at the wrong end of the league was always going to prove difficult. He is also playing RB as opposed to RWB when he was with us.

Make them an offer

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I think he played wingback on Saturday. Looked like Cambridge changed formation to 3-4-3.

Shame for the lad having to go back to that situation. He would have been far better off staying with us. Obviously, it wasn’t his choice, but keep getting battered could really damage him.


I wish we had him for the Leicester game


Yep, like having an extra 2 players with him and Kins, they are everywhere. It is what it is. More worried about our forward options, if we get a chance we need someone who will bury it