Liam Gordon
Maximum respect .


Looking at amputation!!! Extremely brave come back, utmost respect to the lad, now back to playing full time pro football after an injury like that, improving an impoverished team and scoring a great goal on Tuesday night.


Massive respect to Liam for getting through that and it sounds horrific what he’s been through.It shows real guts and character to come out the other side and that goal last night was only a small amount of justice for his recent problems.Here’s hoping he can continue to get minutes and here’s hoping that he never has to deal with an injury like this again.


I saw the report on ITV central earlier (who said Walsall never gets coverage on it anymore). Well worth watching for anyone who didn’t see the interview or outside the region if it can be viewed on their social media channels.

Huge respect to him and indeed my new favourite player. Pretty sure the injury was played down in pre season aswell but to go from possible amputation to back playing in three months is some good.

Him and Bennett as WBs is actually pretty good so Flynn has done well there. Could actually achieve something this season if both can get another 20-25 starts under their belts.


I thought it was a nice touch when he came over to take a corner in the second half and got a nice round of applause from the home end. It seemed to mean a lot to him too.

That is some serious stuff to go through, probably mentally equally as much as physically. Hope to see plenty of him now he has made it back and for him to go from strength to strength.


As already stated massive respect to him and what a first goal for the club. it was clear to see it meant a lot to him.

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Maximum respect Liam.

Walsall fc liams are made from some tough stuff

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Chuffed for the lad well done Liam.

Good piece in the E&S yesterday about his thought on the Carlisle game and the importance of a half time debrief to halt the dominance from Carlisle in the first half.

The Saddlers got a point on the road in a 0-0 draw at Carlisle but had to soak up lot of pressure in the first half from the play-off chasing Cumbrians.

Gordon and generally his defensive colleagues were not greatly troubled in the second half at Brunton Park and Gordon said it was a result of a half time de-brief.

He said: “I don’t think the first half was good enough, we kept it to 0-0 and maybe it took us a while to settle down at a difficult place to come.

“But in the first half we were poor and we knew we had to raise the standards which we did in the second when we looked comfortable at the back, and comfortable is not a word we band around easily.

Defence has improved since Gordon’s started and hes a threat attaking wise,looks a good signing


Gordon called up for international duty for Guyana’s crucial Gold Cup games next month. Well done Liam, think he is going to be an integral player for us next season.


Considering what happened to him last summer and the recovery he had to make from that, I thought he looked like a very good player in the matches I saw and, like you, think he will be an important player this coming season. Definitely good enough to be part of a play off side.

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Excited to see what he can do with a full pre-season behind him.

Not too sure about my thoughts on Gordon to be honest.

Went through a horrific injury, and although it may have healed physically, something like that must leave mental scars.

Hoping he can be a decent full back because he isn’t a wing back in my opinion.

Should be almost match fit when he returns for pre-season training. I expect a lot from him next season.

Like him.

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