Liam Roberts departs

Northampton on a one year deal


Interesting and tbh surprised

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A good move all round.

Brilliant news.


Two guaranteed wins next season then.

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My thoughts too. Gives us the opportunity to bring in a hopefully more solid option, and Roberts the chance to freshen up his career elsewhere.


Wonder who we’ll bring in :eyes:

Thought he was still under contract?

They’ve paid money for him @Killer78 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Someone paid money for Poppadom Wrists?

Worlds gone mad.


Would’ve loved him to be the goalie we needed, local lad etc but he just wasn’t.

Had plenty of time to improve but never did and still made mistakes a goalie of his experience shouldn’t have and certainly not as often as he did.

Needed a move for his own good and while I hope he does well for himself im more glad than disappointed he’s gone if I’m 100% honest.


Best outcome for both him and for us really. I hope he does well and manages to cut out the mistakes.

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He Seemed to go backwards after Cuttler left


Couldn’t agree more. He was going nowhere and always liable to make a clanger. I think he reached the pinnacle of his abilities and a move could be good for the lad.

But it’s another player we have to find.

I reckon Vigeroux from Orient is lined up but we needed to offload one first …

I would have thought we have something lined up prior to agreeing to the transfer.


A little surprised but I felt one had to go. I would like to see a keeper of experience brought in which will also help Rose development.

Glad he’s gone but I genuinely wish him all the best.

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Glad he’s gone, guessing the club no they can do better.