Liam Roberts departs

Anyone know how long Popadom Wrists had left on his contract ?

Looks like we got some money for him ? Just wondering if his contract length helped with the undisclosed amount we got for him.

“The main thing for us now is to focus on recruiting players and working with players that want to be part of what we’re trying to build this season.”

Interesting comment by MT


This is amazing. We need a consistent solid goalkeeper. Roberts is a liability and rose for me is backup at best.
We all wanted a new keeper but couldn’t justify one. Now we can!
Excellent work by the club x


Hopefully not, every time I see him play it looks like he’s got a mistake in him.

Plus he was the keeper that Oztumer lobbed from 60 yards :rofl:

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Vigouroux has been heavily linked with Lincoln and won Orient’s manager, players and fans Player of the Season awards last season. I’d actually think it’d be a great signing on that basis.

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How much did they pay us for him? Should be at least 100k

He was contracted to the end of this (upcoming) season. Northampton pay a fee for him.
Liam was an excellent shot stopper, but he made really silly mistakes too often for most of us.
His kicking was appalling for a professional footballer - something I fear he will never master.
I wish him well, not sorry he left us.

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Is Richard o’Donnell still contracted to any club wudnt mind him bk

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Bradford mate

Ohh ok


Local lad always wanted robbo to do well for us sadly to many mistakes and a move is good for us an him . I wish him all the best.


Not thrilled. Thought he was okay for this level. Had some good spells and some bad spells which is what you’d expect from an average League Two keeper. I feel like the bad spells made it fashionable to start giving him childish nicknames on here, which I felt was uncalled for with a guy trying his best and wasn’t even Johnny Brain levels of bad.

However I recognize a club of our side cannot have two starting keepers on their books so was a necessary move.


I tell you who would be the perfect replacement, Callum Burton from Cambridge.

24, played alot of games last season for Cambridge who got promoted, got unfortunately released and has been at several Midlands clubs already in his career.


I see hes signed a 1 year deal with Northampton.

Says to me we got very little for him and it was more a case of shifting him and his wage off our books.


Brilliant news. Not good enough.

Good luck Liam. Loved the passion, but ultimately non league standard.


Can’t say I’m bothered, cost us a few goals but good luck to him.

Surprising, but at this moment of career it is probably the best move for him and the club. He stopped developing, so something new, which would push him forward, probably will be good. Very good shot stopper, but the rest of a good keeper was missing too often. Probably with a good defence he will be looking better, so best of luck.

Amazed and quite pleased in equal measure.

THIS is proper management.

One by one the players from both the relegation and subsequent seasons are departing.

Nothing against Roberts but I just don’t see him as a member of a promotion winning team, and I think he’s one that has suffered and got into a negative, losers mentality, which I hope he gets out of now he’s away. I just couldn’t see him getting out of it here.


Article in latest When Saturday Comes on Joe Hart’s career having ground to a halt. Just saying.