Liam Roberts - Good enough?


Ben Garratt from Crewe, another experienced keeper available on a free.

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We need Bertrand Bossu back.

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Really like the guy from Newport who’s apparently out of contract but would imagine he’d be happy enough to sign a new deal if they win the final.

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Jack Bonham would be a good option. Released by Brentford, did really well at Rovers under Clarke last season. Have him as number 1 and Roberts as Number 2. Perfect.

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Forgot to add this.

"He had an impressive start to his time with the club and was reported on 15 October 2018 to have “the best save percentage of any first-choice goalkeeper in England so far this season with 91.5%”



I am amazed at some of the comments on here…he is a good goalkeeper in my view but clearly lost confidence post Christmas. He can come back with the right management and I would certainly persevere with him. Sometimes a little encouragement is better than constant criticism.



Agree, WalsallOne. He hasn’t suddenly become an awful goalkeeper.

I think he has suffered more than most in terms of confidence, and that hasn’t been helped by playing two years behind an awful back-four, some of whom preferred to bollock him rather than look at their own plethora of deficiencies.

A new coach and some improved defensive colleagues and he’s a promising keeper again.

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Think Roberts needs a solid defence in front of him to prosper and develop to be honest. He’s not at a stage where he commands his defence which is a major problem. Either we need to bring in a commanding full back line or a commanding keeper that constantly organises the back line. Ideal would be both, budget will dictate it’s one or the other. For me getting a commanding keeper in is easier than recruiting a whole new back four.

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Exactly what we need.



The back four over the past two seasons has been the worst in my time watching the Saddlers. Very harsh and even more blinkered to assassinate Roberts.



Not really, just because you have a bad back 4 doesn’t mean you can’t command your penalty area, doesn’t mean when you take a goal kick 80% of the time the ball goes out of play, he has just gone backwards

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Probably the most stupid post for some time. Of course the back four will have a significant impact on how a keeper performs!



So how did dunn look so much more composed with practically the same back 4? Hardly a stupid post idiot



You could argue that a bad back four gives a keeper the chance to stand out?

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Roberts did not suddenly become a poor keeper. There was a gradual decline in standard during the first half of the season, which led to a dreadful spell in January and February when he hardly made a save, and cost us a lot of points.

A back four needs to have confidence in the keeper, and the very poor goalkeeping of Roberts was the major problem with our defence.

Dunn did well when he was finally given his chance, and having confidence in the keeper was a major part in the improvement of our defence in the final four matches. I can only assume that Clarke has already decided who he wants to bring to the club as first choice next season and it will be up to Roberts to try to win his place back when given the chance.



Think you’re right Bernie, big season for Roberts as he won’t be our starting keeper and has a year left on his contract.

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Erm Dunn did get absolutely rescued from a complete clanger by a bad ref decision in one game (don’t seem to remember Roberts dropping an out and out clanger all season) and looked absolutely dreadful in the Port Vale cup game.



You must be joking?!



Exactly, obviously composed has different meanings for some people.Dunn looked like the lower/non league journeyman he really was.