Is it just me or dopes Liddle add anything to the midfield?
Surely Bates, Kinsella and Hardy are far more suited to the role. Liddle is basically a has been centre half who should be nowhere near the first team.

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Liddle offers nothing playing in midfield, hes happy just to play the whole game holding the center backs hands not offering himself for the ball

Never been a fan of picking on individual players tbh. As long as a player is committed and puts a shift in the I’m fine with the player. If he ain’t good enough then criticise the manager for picking him.


Agreed, but i am at the end of my tether with him. Your right DC should take action and change this ridiculous tactic

I am more frustrated with Gordon and Adebayo tbh, for different reasons. Gordon works his arse off with no end product and Adebayo reminds me of Dave Bamber - basically a big ponce. Neither are good enough and I reckon DC knows that but is struggling for options.
Liddle ain’t the problem for me at the minute and he seems to be a genuine player.

Looking forward to the Jan window.


I don’t criticise players or managers. They are working hard and probably giving 100%. Sometimes it’s not enough, but that’s reality in 3rd or 4th league. They can encounter better opponents. Last Saturday was probably one of such days. That was collective team effort, not fault of one or few players.


UTS at its finest………… singling out one player when the whole set up is wrong !

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Care to expand?
You do know Bonser effed off?

Does that mean no one player can be singled out for praise either?

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Anyone in mind :wink:

How’s your umman? Recovering hopefully.

Yes I would love to expand, UTS (or certain posters) are here to rubbish anything that is WFC related and probably don’t think that this forum is read by anyone other than their cliched circle. Wake up guys, words hurt ! Have a go by all means at all that is wrong but don’t single out an individual, that is so wrong !


As much as I think liddle and holden have been poor of late to create a thread to single out one player will do no good whatsoever… We don’t want to get into a position we had with relationships between supporters and players last season in this time of transition.


DC knows alright if anyone had wanted Gordon he would be gone by now i was told months ago he would listen to offers for him but none came he doesnt rate him.


Think it’s a bit strange to single out Liddle. The bloke clearly has something about him, you simply don’t play the amount of Football League games he has if you aren’t capable.

It’s pretty clear that he’s not a marauding right back, or a good a passer as Danny Guthrie, but he’s a useful squad player that can do a job in a couple of different positions. For example, at Crawley he came on and helped kill the game at a time when they were getting on top.

Not sure why plays Liddle in midfield, especially when we have young Master Bates spraying passes everywhere, and shooting around the pitch. I’m sure all the gentlemen relish seeing his progress?!


Players are going to get criticised. It’s why they are paid what they are. As long as it doesn’t spill over into actual abuse, like it has with recent players in the last year or two, and is constructive then there is nothing wrong.


Its not wrong at all, lIdl hasnt been good in any single game yet, not once has he stepped up too the plate and deliverd a decent performance, ■■■■ wrapping them in wool even DC dont do that, they play ■■■■ they need too know and lidl and holden are wowfull NOT only them but they are ■■■■ and deffo not this standerd of football, Everyone can have an opinion

I don’t like singling players out but Liddle was a disgrace and embarrassment on Saturday.