LP Interview in E&S

Thoughts of the chairman on a few things including how our season is going…


Was just thinking, he said we won’t be going for the monitored grant because we don’t want to put ourselves under those restrictions? lmao what does he think we have been doing for the last god knows how many years :joy:


With the monitored grant it comes with a whole host of meausres to ensure it isn’t spent by clubs on players etc. The only way to make a transfer using that, from my understand, is that you have to have an outgoing to have an incoming.

It was said that any club that breaches any of the monitored grant restrictions will then forfeit the grant with it becoming a loan that has to be repaid in full.


A really good interview that. Straightforward and honest.


You sure you wouldn’t have preferred him to say “I might take some of that money to pay off my loans to the club and why shouldn’t I?” :wink::rofl:

I think LP has done very well just keeping the club afloat in these torrid times.
There are clubs in L2 hanging on by a thread, this upcoming stimulus is just a temporary fix but will not be the solution to for a lot of clubs.
Years of mis-management and overspending are finally coming to fruition and, I hate to say it, we may see some clubs go under.
Despite what people say, it’s still not a level playing field. How would Salford and Bolton survive on Walsall’s budget?

Looks like survival of the club is secure now for this season and probably got over the worst given 2k fans back into Bescot should happen within next two months.

Don’t expect much in January bar a Scrimmy style loan deal and that will probably only be if a Sinclair type is moved out.

Still fully behind DC…for now.

Still committed to eventually getting the Freehold but no quick fix with that as we know and pandemic caused a rethink. My theory on that is they’ll wait until Jeff is no longer around and his family will probably accept a lump sum to end their assocation with Walsall but god knows when that will be.

Interesting stuff. I do think he’s trying but we’d all like to see a little bit more progress on the pitch by now, hopefully that will happen in next few weeks after Saturday’s performance.

Interesting contrast, and the short answer is that they do not need to. Bolton have survived because of their history and their fan base which means that there are always people willing to take a punt every time they get into trouble.
Salford are a small club owned by wealthy individuals that are willing to put their money in, but probably recognise the limit of their ambition.

We, on the other hand have been mismanaged to the point that we have a major shareholder with not a lot of money, and a former owner that is still milking the club for half a million a year.

Both Bolton and Salford are in better shape than we are.


I was going to say similar, but you put it much better than I could. Nice post.

Walsall are potentially in big trouble, those grants are good news even if they are only a temporary fix. There would be no one flying in, in a helicopter giving out free Turkey’s this time around I don’t think.

Thank you for your posts and insight gentlemen.

By level playing field I meant having the same amounts to spend. What is our budget, 1.6 million?
If clubs like Salford and Bolton have the same number of players that we do (say 25 for argument’s sake) but their budget is 3.5 million, that’s not level in my opinion.

LP is rich by our standards but he’s not football rich, in other words, he can’t move the club forward without outside investment. He certainly can’t afford to pay Bonser off.
I like LP, he’s re-connected with the fans, is passionate and desperately wants success for our club.
I know throwing money at something is not always the answer, but it would surely help if we had some.


LP is not rich by many people’s standards, unfortunately. Certainly not rich enough to take us very far in today’s world of football. I personally don’t mind that. Walsall is Walsall to me, whatever league we are in.


That’s good because i think he has about as much wealth as the chairman of Walsall Wood :grin: :wink:

Well said

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Is that a lot?

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So if they combined their wealth Walsall wood be in a better place.
It’s wishful thinking but my hope is that LP does have some connections that he can convince to invest in the club so that we can become an average LI club once again with the odd flirt of making it into the championship.
At present that seems a long way off.

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I think the same applies to a lot of Walsall fans, certainly the ones I have mixed with over the years. I think to been to be at least trying, have a little ambition of some kind is all most Walsall fans expect.

We’ve had enough bad times over the years and we still stick around. The whole established Championship pipe dream isn’t as appealing to me as it might be to some other fans. I’d rather be there than where we are now, but it would be mostly fighting to stay up most seasons. Paying ridiculous prices to go to most of the soulless grounds, the prices are higher than the Premier League in a lot of cases. I’m not sure how much potential we would have to grow our fan base doing that year in year out either. Being a yo-you club in and out of it would probably bring in more fans and be far more exciting, those promotions live with you forever. Our poor showings in the cups really doesn’t help matters either, good cup runs can bring to life the most boring of league campaigns but all too often we are out of all the cups well before Christmas. I really do feel that the club and more importantly the fans do need some kind of lift.



I think the Wood chairman has other things on his mind at the moment


Oh dear :hushed: my old mate And Roper won’t be happy :pensive:

Great interview. To think some fans were beginning to criticise him… :man_facepalming:
We’re so lucky to have someone like LP, okay he isn’t going to buy his way to the Premier League with us but first and foremost I want someone running the club that truly cares as much as any of us and he certainly does.


Not with the police fines :see_no_evil: