Luton Town vs Coventry City

Saddlers fans sure to take an interest?

Adebayo for Luton - promotion could equal :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

Coventry with three ex-Saddlers in their management team.

I’d want Luton to win even if there was no gain for Walsall.

Best Wishes to Marshy and Ada though. None to Mark Robins.

Would be some achievement by Robins though if they go up. Not many managers got promotion from the bottom league to the top at the same club. Even harder in the modern game I’d say.


Are Cov still owned by SISU the hedge fund?

Luton for me. Non-league to Premiership in 9 years. They were last in the top division in 91/92 so it would be 31 years to go down and out and get back again. They were deducted 30 points (ouch!) in the year they dropped out the league.


Not that bothered as any money from Adebayo clauses won’t be seen anyway.


Has to be Luton. After all they are part of my quartet of favourite clubs alongside Bournemouth, Rotherham and, of course, the Saddlers.


Does anyone actually no how much we will get as pomlette its going to be a big windfall of cash but like the past we dont see nothing out of it anyways but i still want luton to do it

Two basket case clubs that had low points but bounced back while our ‘well run’ one steadily stagnated and declined.

Coventry one of my most disliked clubs, so will be cheering on Luton.


Pom was probably greatly exaggerating nd I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s like 100k at most
I doubt this will beat ricos transfer just by promotion alone which would make it the best deal walsall has done

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Sure pomlett said if adebayo makes it to the premier league. And probably meaning by that if luton sell him to a premier league club.
Who knows but I wouldn’t think we will get much from him getting there with luton.

I liked Luton for playing Mini Preece in the top division. When they won the League Cup, he was man of the match.

Mark Robins has done incredible work there.

But what I can say is Coventry can absolutely swivel. Hope to see some tears at the final whistle. Horrible city horrible club


Whether ‘we see any of the money’ resulting from an Adebayo windfall, surely its a good thing and will benefit the club in some capacity. Especially having reported a £700k loss last year. To suggest otherwise just doesn’t make sense.


Their fans were probably the most arrogant knobs of any of the " big teams" we’ve played over the past 25 years. Hope they get effed this afternoon


Looking at it from that perspective mate I’d have to agree.My own personal comment was aimed more at the playing side of the club and it going towards a decent striker for example.

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I’m 100% rooting for Ade and The Hatters

They are an inspiration for all EFL teams of what can be achieved, although Coventry have got there somehow after surviving several scares en route

As a bonus we might have some Dicky Dosh coming our way via an add on to get some decent players on the books

Assuming The Hatters come out on Top my only concern will be the Dame’s negotating skills as to the add ons being somewhat of a damp squib and a fairy tale

Ill doff my Stetson to LP if indeed the deal gets us a Bucket full

If they do go up and the deal goes Flat and dont get a Beanie, LP might need a Hard Hat if he was spinning a Pork Pie about the original deal

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Actually, I might be tempted to go and support Luton- good shout, Jeef!

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Brilliant work by Adebayo for that.



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