Luton Town vs Coventry City

Adebayo with some absolutely unbelievable play there.

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Superb by Adebayo there, plus from the midfielder in support to score.

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All the best to Adi, Marshy and Robins but we need to be selfish… come on Luton


Missed a sitter tho😂

The bigman should have scored then

I wonder if the board are watching this sitting there rubbing there hands

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Having a great game so far tho

Man of the Match if the final whistle was about to be blown.

Cov are third best throughout

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Luton’s long balls are causing way more problems to Coventry than Coventry’s are to Luton and that’s all down to Adebayo.They can’t control the bloke they are frightened to death of his power.

Genuinely did any of us think he would get this good !

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Was a great move by Adebayo. Didn’t everyone think he was going to Hearts that window he moved on as I remember the club getting some ruling wrong that got corrected on here?

Anyway he goes to SPL and he’d have moved back to England for a low ish fee so this move will get club some money this summer to hopefully get a DJ type striker for whole season and then perhaps a few more million in later seasons.

We know Pomlett was pretty inept running most aspects of the club but I’d like to think he had foresight to put in a decent promotion bonus in the deal as Luton were just happy staying up in championship in Jan 2021.

The sheer strength he’s shown makes it difficult to believe it’s the same player who struggled to stay on his feet when he first came to us.


His issue, hopefully in the greed league, will be that he’s not a clinical enough finisher

Huddersfield emerged as the favourites for his signature.

In their own words most of them know nothing about football so probably don’t even know it’s on.

Also imagine if he had signed for Southampton, as was reported, would be possibly swapping places with his old team, ironic…

Yeah :wave:

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Give the quote then. :+1:

Cov will win this, Luton fudged it by not being out of sight in the 1st half.