Macclesfield Saturday who’s goin?

Would not have given this game a second thought after the Morcambe game that for me was the lowest point of the season.
I have seen a significant improvement in the last few games that shows what a poor league we are in and how much promise we are showing (if a little later than hoped for). But it makes you want to be at the next game home or away. Would be good to show our support and get a 1000 plus at Macclesfield.

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Me, @chriss5471 + 1 other at the moment.

Me +3

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Me +3

Me + 3

Me , on a full ISSA coach

Initial allocation of 500 sold out ! :clap::clap:

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I reckon plenty will pay on the gate , might push 1k for this one.

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I’m coming across and bringing a mate whose a Doncaster fan, looking forward to it for a change.

Me and Mrs Reedswood.

Going up to this one on the train. Looking forward!

TImes your train son?

Drop me your number via inbox Dan…

Ill give you a bell see where you all boozing for when we get in on train

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Yes. Plus one.

You should have titled the thread “M*sfield Saturday who’s goin?” then we could have reused it for next week too! :smile:

It’s the standing allocation that sold out - 208. More standing tickets on their way. Still seats available.

I think the standing terrace holds around 1500 so should be plenty available on the day.

Me on the train

Me on the train from Stoke-on-Trent.

Just to clarify do you need a ticket for this game? pay onthe day I presume

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I reckon there’s a real chance of this being played behind close doors, the EFL will have to act at some point.