Manager Of The Month

Congratulations DC. !!

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His LinkedIn profile is being updated as we speak

He’s clearly a good manager, it just didn’t work out with us.

Add him to the long list.

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The only manager recently we had left us who’s still a league manager right?
He just didn’t work for us but must have something

We didn’t sack him

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True I forget that

what is the common denominator? just goes to prove that our problems are the hierarchy at the club not the manager.


been saying it on here for ages mate.

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What’s that Dean Smith bloke doing these days?

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Last I heard managing some no-mark amateur team in Brum :slight_smile:


Clarke in

He’s got a competent coach to work with now. Makes a huge difference.

Won’t last he’ll soon piss people off it’s as inevitable as the sun setting this evening


Not sure. He’s got a good coach and DoF preventing him from being DC.


Just proves what can be achieved if the manager has people behind him that back him and have a desire for success

Mediocre manager. Probably fortunate to have escaped a crap club which we have become. Thanks Jeff/Lee

Surely…Matt Taylor is manager of the Monthe.


MOTM curse has struck again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


“One swallow does not a summer make…”

It can make you choke though.